Countertop Clutter Be Gone! 7 Space-Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Ever feel like your kitchen is an appliance war zone? When it comes to countertop real estate, it’s the toaster versus the microwave, and the canisters versus the blender. And if you’re going to have space to chop vegetables, something’s gotta go.
Before you start waving the white flag, try these seven space saving tips:
Store Measuring Cups on the Inside of Your Cabinet Door
The inside walls of your cabinets are prime real estate. If they’re being underutilized, fasten a few of these key rails inside and hang up your measuring cups and coffee mugs.
Store Pots and Pans on the Wall
Hang up a pegboard on the kitchen wall or along the inside inside of your pantry. Use the hooks for your pots, pans and utensils. Tip: Paint the pegboard to give your kitchen a pop of color.
Hang Your Knives on a Magnetic Strip
Toss out your space-hogging knife block and attach a magnetic strip on the wall with a few screws. Voila! Instant knife holder. We recommend putting it in that empty backsplash space between the counter and the cabinets.
Give Kitchen Utensils a New Home
The backs of cabinet doors aren’t the only underutilized spot on the cabinets. What’s happening with the cabinets’ sides? If the answer is “nothing,” pick up some utensil organizers for the sides of your cabinets or walls. It can even work for above the stove! This will free up a lot of prime real estate: drawer space.
Install a Basket Under Your Sink
If the space under your sink is cluttered and cramped, attach a hanging basket on the inside wall of the cabinet underneath the sink. This basket is the perfect place to store your most-used cleaning supplies and dishwasher detergent.
Use an Over-the-Sink Drying Rack
Instead of cramping the countertops with drying dishes, install an over the sink drying rack. This way, your dishes won’t drip on your countertops while they dry and you free up enough space for a cutting board.
Turn Your Fridge Into a Spice Rack
Are you spices overtaking your cabinet space? If yes, then it’s time for them to find a new home. Lacking in cabinet space? Attach magnets to your spice bottles and keep them on the fridge. Try these easy adhesive magnets. We would recommend attaching two to each spice container.
More great organizing tips:

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