Shirt Folding Tool - KonMari Style!

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My kiddos help with chores around the house. And folding their laundered clothes is no exception. I made these nifty folding tools to assist them in a folding method that allows for easier, more storage in their drawers. It was free to make and the kids actually enjoy using it - I would definitely consider that a Mom Win!!! Plus, it brings me so.much.stinkin.JOY to see my kids helping out, so I am confident Marie Kondo would approve!

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I started with a cardboard box, a roll of duct tape and a pair of scissors.

I started deconstructing the box by cutting the flaps. And using the scissors that were closest to where I was, I began getting hand cramps.

So, I decided to stop being lazy and go out to the workshop to get the proper tools. The box cutters worked amazingly well. Hmmm, possibly aptly named?!!?

My pieces were approx. 9x12. Just a general size. They don't have to be perfect. But, you do need 9 pieces of similar size.

After aligning the pieces with a small gap between each one to allow for easy folding, I started duct taping my contraption together.

This is a tool that we use a lot. 8 kids taking turns with it every week means it gets quite a bit of use so I reinforced the sides with duct tape to prolong this little miracle made of cardboard's life.

To give an idea of sizing, this shirt is a children's size XL. To use, you place your shirt in the middle of the folder.

Starting with one side, you fold over the entire side of the cardboard piece.

And unfold the cardboard.

Continue the exact same on the other side.

Once the kiddos get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast.

Fold up the bottom.

Then the top.

And here you have it almost finished.

The final step is to take the shirt and fold one more time in half. Put it in the dresser drawer folded side up.

*Mom Tip*

Place shirts with graphics on the Cardboard Masterpiece with the design facing down. This will allow the picture to show when folded and prevent your little cherub to destroy the entire dresser drawer by unfolding every single one of his shirts, looking for a certain one that he wears atleast twice a week even though he has 1,475,895,299 other shirts.

~~~~ This message brought to you by a mother that has literally been through it.

And you're welcome.

So, what are you waiting for? Start KonMari'ing the crap out of your kids drawers!

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Suggested materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Box Cutter
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  • William
    on Feb 2, 2019

    May be useful to some. I fold been folding my t shirts the same way for decades by hand and faster. I have shelves not drawers. Nothing new here. I don't see what the rage is all about. KonMari would work in China and Japan where apartments are the size of a walk in closets and space is a premium.

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