How to make the door horsehead wreath?

Please re post instructions for horsehead door wreath.

Made with grasses or fir, pine,,,

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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 01, 2019

    I made one for my daughter. I will tell you that I did it with no instructions. Here are my instructions. I can't seem to copy all of my photo! If you have questions, I will try to answer them. I used artificial material so we could keep this.

    I had no idea I could do this project so did not make photos but found some on line after I had finished mine. Just jump in & try! I was lucky this turned out so well!


    1. Copy, photograph; enlarge (you will have to enlarge, print it out in different sections of the photo and then print out the different sections...then tape pages together and cut out shape.

    2. Cut out basic shape…don’t try to get creative here…that comes with finishing.

    3. Lay on newspaper, trace around w/ dark marker about 1-1/2” out until you have it 14-16” tall….the finished horse will be larger. (Use several layers of newspaper so marker won’t damage surface beneath.)

    4. Cut out enlarged head & trace on larger sheet of a substantial paper you may have.

    5. Cut top part off a hanger, open & straighten…lay it on top of outline; using a couple pairs of pliers bend into shape, close & wrap sharp ends. Keep wire on drawing as you go…you may need help.

    6. Include ear in basic shape if you wish so you won’t have to attach…I did ear separately & shaped.

    7. Add flexible florist wire across & vertical on frame, connecting together at several points to stabilize. I saw later chicken wire was used.

    8. Wrap all joints with florist or masking tape to avoid rough areas & scratching door.

    9. I used thin scraps of greenery on wire cut from small tree to cover frame or you can spray paint green;


    1. Use limbs cut from Christmas trees to wrap ear and frame.

    2. Get a couple of 8-12” Christmas trees at Dollar Store (I had some) & cut off one side until it lays flat; attach to top of form at an angle, widest part even with the ear & bottom of frame of face.

    3. Using a pair of wire clippers, snip ends of tree branches to shape head; trace outline on greenery with marker if needed. Fill in any gaps with left over branches, gluing with hot glue.

    4. I had an old string of greenery that had stiff wire with about 1” needles. Precut strips to attach vertically; the first strip on the left is several inches longer than form; each one thereafter a little shorter to get slant; attached it to top, center and bottom. With scraps, using the green florist wire, you can fill in any gaps. (You can use any kind of greenery.) All of this is just by the seat of your pants. If you make a mis-cut, you can fix by wiring on a piece where needed…nothing shows once it gets imbedded into greenery.

    5. Once filled in, add greenery with longer needles to get mane effect…lay out to get desired effect, bending & hot gluing into place. I hot glued…found too difficult to try & attach with wire! Fill in any gaps.


    Hot glued on flower; add ribbon or cord for reigns. I did not add eye & nose & only band around nose as I thought it distracted. Where you attach the ribbon to hang will help determine some of the tilt of the head. Keep in mind that the outline is simple & the personality and details are added with the materials you use. (Greenery on a stiff wire base works best, maybe an old wreath!)

    MATERIALS: Newspaper, thick paper board, black marker, scissors, coat hangers, pliers, cutting pliers , florist tape, florist wire, greenery on wire, longer needle greenery for mane, ribbon or braid (for harness), decorative bow/ornament for behind ear, hot glue gun & glue, small artificial Christmas tree, ribbon for hanging. I used scrapes, parts and pieces! CAUTION: I always have a popcicle stick or wooden skewer handy when using hot glue so I don’t burn my fingers! Even a stick out of the yard or screw driver will work.

  • Rosie Rosie on Feb 01, 2019

    Jeanette's answer is awesome. If you want to do it quicker, look on Amazon for a metal wire horse head outline that you add greenery.

  • Cindy Cindy on Feb 03, 2019

    Hi FW. I'm Cindy. I see that your question was answered beautifully. So, I will not add to that. I want to share something else with you. If you ever want to see a past project, you can by clicking on the small blue house at the top of this page. If you don't see the project you're looking for, you can use the search bar. Also take a look at "Explore Projects". Another Home Talker told me about this, so I am paying it forward with you. Good luck FW.

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