How do I add privacy to my windows?


I put curtains up along my carport because my "eccentric" neighbors were harassing me. The curtains now need replaced. I also have lattice behind the curtains, but the neighbors can see through that (especially when she uses her binoculars). I'm thinking of fastening something to the outside of the lattice to block their view entirely (when I come and go outside, they do, too. Not sure what is so fasinating about my taking out my trash, but apparently it means a lot to them.) Anyway, is there some kind of solid panel that is weatherproof that can be attached to the lattice? I've thought about bushes, but it would take a while for them to become established. I've also thought of moving, butb I've made my mobile home my "beach house (in my bedroom) and have re-done most of the rest of it to suit me. Don't want to start over. Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks! (BTW, she also says she puts hexes on people. As I said, "eccentric".)

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