How can I fill a blank space in my kitchen?


This is my kitchen , a work in progress. As you can see I have those lovely 1980's laminate cabinets. I finished the bottom ones, turned them to white shaker cabinets with paint and buying new cabinet doors, all wood ones. Great price at btw, I got all for under $400 and that included shipping.As you can see it's a lot of white. White appliances, white cabinets. My husband thinks it's too sterile, looks like what he calls a hospital kitchen. I need color in there and hopefully stainless steel appliances. Can't afford the appliances right now. If you look next to the range to your left there is some blank space. Ditto the sides of two cabinets that face out by the pass through bar. The sides will be plain white. What can I do to add some texture to this area by the range? More shaker with a panel?It's dead space. To the right the countertop is too wide for the cabinet. How would you fix this? It was like this originally, not sure what they were thinking.

q need ideas for some blank space on cabinets and appliances
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