How to make wood icing?


I have plain plywood cabinets with bevelled edges and have been wanting to paint them for years now. I saw an idea to use wood icing and stencils to create some detail so I can use two colours and lightly distress the doors. I am having trouble sourcing where I can get wood icing near where I live and I saw a recipe using paint, talcum powder and glue. I was wondering how durable this would be and if anyone had already tried it or if there are any other recipes tried. I thought if I used a charcoal coloured and a creamy white coloured paint and lightly distressed them if there does get to be some wear marks they might blend in with the look and be less noticeable and adding some detail would give me something to distress and make the doors less boring. Any ideas to help me would be greatly appreciated. Thanx, Sandy

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