Asked on Feb 6, 2019

How do I re-transplant two different cacti?

BodegaDebkerNancy Turner


I need to retransplant my 2 castus plants ,they are doing well .I need to know materials and sizes of plant containersAs well as what type of container to use .I've worked very hard to keep them thriving thus far. Plus if i put outside what temptures can they thrive in.Please Here im taking pictures .Gail Loy Ames, Iowa

q how do i retransplant 2 different cactuses

Please this is one of my cactuses. This is in a clsy pot bottom is getting too big forvthis pot.

I need help

Thank you

Gail Loy

q how do i retransplant 2 different cactuses

Here is the other cactus plants I have a smaller one in this same pot.

The pot i have is a clay pot.

q how do i retransplant 2 different cactuses
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  • Betty Albright-Bistow
    on Feb 6, 2019

    Hello Gail! There are some great articles with some very helpful information for you. Best to you!!

  • Bearcub6
    on Feb 6, 2019

    Hello, Gail, I'd suggest cutting them down, re-rooting, or, if you want to keep them as they are, a bigger clay pot, use potting medium for cacti, use tongs to transfer your plants.

  • Landsharkinnc
    on Feb 6, 2019

    never go more than 1" larger diameter pot for transplants -- of any species; use a 'Cactus/Succulent' medium; and stay with clay pots ( unglazed so that they 'breathe'; I mist/spray mine w/ room temperature water about once a month to keep them 'clean'; you can also use a hair dryer set on 'no heat' to keep dust off any of your house plants; put outdoors when nightly temps don't drop below 60f ( in a natural environment cacti can actually take much lower temps ). protect from too much hot direct sun until they acclimate -- provide partial shade, especially in the mid afternoon; bright light is not the same as 'direct' sunlight ...

    Frankly the pots they are in now do not look too small; most prefer being a bit 'pot bound, and don't ever let them 'sit' in water; they can't handle wet feet!

  • I must agree with Landsharkinnc...The pots they are in look to be perfect. My experience with cactus says let them be pot bound.

  • Nancy Turner
    8 days ago

    I agree with Landsharkinnc and Sally, the pots look fine to me and they look healthy and happy where they are. You have to remember they are desert plants and they like hot more than cold.

  • Debker
    8 days ago

    hi, did you want to put them both in the same pot? that would be doable,

    Pot cacti and other succulents in containers that are as small as possible. For cacti, use a pot just large enough to fit the plant. For other succulents, use a pot just slightly larger than the root ball. For some plants, the holes in the bottom of the pot do not provide enough drainage.

  • Bodega
    7 days ago

    As an avid cacti grower I agree with all the suggestions above. Most of all do not overwater or put in too large of a pot. Let them dry out between waterings. Succulents are a little different and don't do as well combined in the same pot with true cacti. The reason is they need more moisture.

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