Is is ok to transfer my plants from the ground to pots? No one can water my plants while i'm away.

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  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on Jun 19, 2012
    How long will you be gone?

  • 3po3 3po3 on Jun 19, 2012
    Also, are you going to replant the plants in the ground when you get back. That could be hard on plants. Could you set up a drip irrigation system on a timer? For just a few plants in a relatively small area, it's easier than it might seem. I did that last year when I went on vacation, and it was great for my plants, and much easier for me to keep everything watered and alive.

  • Put a soaking hose on them. Then purchase a hose timer to turn on and off while your away.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Jun 20, 2012
    What type of plants and how big are they? Why will they be better off in pots? Are you taking them with you?

  • Gynarchy B Gynarchy B on Jun 21, 2012
    walter, i will be gone 14 days. I have no body who can take care of my plants. Steve, My plants are everywhere in my backyard, side yard, inside the house. How much will it cost me for irrigation system? And can i install it myself? I am leaving in a few days.

  • Gynarchy B Gynarchy B on Jun 21, 2012
    Woodbridge, Where can i purchase them and how much will it cost me? Thanks. Four Season, I have azaleas, double knock out (in pots already), herbs, smooth touch roses, hydrangeas, inside the house i have plenty of majesty palms and some other greens. white lilly Should i put water on plates under the pots?

  • All the home centers even Wallmart sells them. They run around $25-35 for timer and batteries. There are all sorts and types of these devices, just get a simple one without all the bells and whistles.

  • 3po3 3po3 on Jun 21, 2012
    That's actually what I meant - a soaker hose. I think that's a great option for you. Some of the established plants should survive for two weeks. For the rest, a couple of strategically placed soaker hoses should work. For the indoor plants, you could put them in your bathtub. Put them all on a towel and pour about two inches of water in the bottom of the tub. They should soak up the water and survive.

  • Gynarchy B Gynarchy B on Jun 21, 2012
    Thanks Woodbridge. I will check it out at Wal-mart. Do i need to just leave my faucet on? Steve - Unfortunately i am a begginer and my plants are still toddlers i may say. So i can not say they are established. That's why i'm scared. I will try the bathtub advise for indoor plants. Although my tub has no stopper. I'll just have to purchase one at wal-mart.

  • Gynarchy B Gynarchy B on Jun 21, 2012
    Four Seasons- No i am not bringing my plants with me.

  • Yes you turn on the outdoor faucet. After you connect the control unit. It then is programed to turn on and off at preset times that you determine. You need to discuss how long with the other plant experts here and to find out if night is better then day. We tend to water our plants during the day when its hot out. We use a soaker hose. This tends to prevent the bushes from wilting in the sun. But others may have a better idea for your plants being so young and all.

  • Gynarchy B Gynarchy B on Jun 22, 2012
    Oh so does that mean water is actually running even when there's a pre set time? Does that mean higher water bill? I will be gone for 2 weeks.

  • No, the water is turned off by the timer. It allows the water to flow during set times only. You turn on the main valve outside, then the timer prevents the water from running until what ever time you say you want it to run and stop running. Just like a light timer, only it stops and starts the water flow to the hose without you being around.

  • Gynarchy B Gynarchy B on Jun 22, 2012
    Lol. i got it. Thanks a lot.