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How do I stain my coffee table?

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Stain over a coffee table that has water stains from sweating cups, I scared I may mess it up, I need something easy to do and I not good with picking stains or color please help, I just want to repair the top of the coffee table, see attached picture

q help me stain my coffee table

Top of coffee table, how do I save it

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  • you Should go to Utube and watch videos of stripping and staining furniture would be best thing to do because all the old stain has to come off first and it’s really fairly easy to do

  • Lorraine
    4 days ago

    Sand, and use wood filler if there are any deep scratches. Maybe this photo will help a bit, in choice of color. Also there a lot of photos, and tutorials.

  • Mindshift
    4 days ago

    In order to re-stain you must sand off the current finish. Stain is transparent, so any flaw or color from the original finish will show up beneath the new stain. Start with 80 grit to quickly remove the current finish. Always sand with the grain of the wood; that's harder with the parquet top. Move to a 120 grit paper to smooth the surface and perhaps use a 150 grit to finish. Use a dry tack cloth to wipe any sanding dust from the surfaces to be stained.

    A gel stain is easier to use than other stains, but it's not fool proof. It's a good idea to watch videos of this before you start. Each layer of stain will produce a deeper color. Allow sufficient drying time between coats; if it feels at all sticky when you touch it, wait longer. You must also use a sealer/top coat over the stain to protect the wood surface.

    Should you decide to paint this table instead you should still sand the surfaces you want to paint, but you will only need to sand so the surface is dull. Use a dry tack cloth to remove any sanding dust. Use a semi-gloss paint for durability.

  • First, remove any loose existing finish with a rubber scraper. Go with the grain which will be a pain. I had a table just like this pattern only round. Sand with steel wool, again in the directions of wood grain.

    Stain whatever color you like. Original is probably honey oak. Then a top coat.

    You can buy a stain and finish in one by minwax. I prefer stain then brush on poly top coat. I did 3 coats scuffing slightly between coats with steel wool.

    • Larry miller
      3 days ago

      The only disagreement is the use of steel wool, I have found the hard way...if you miss a bristle, chances are good......will cause rust.

      I ONLY use sand paper, play it safe.

  • This would be perfect! Just sand away what you have and make sure loose finish is removed (Or down to bare wood) then apply this. 3 coats is usually best.

  • Debra Demaio
    3 days ago

    Sand sand sand trust me it will look better in the end. I like to use 120grit sandpaper then stain any color you want but after the third coat of stain put a layer of urethane then another coat of color then urethane and do it until your happy .you just need to go for it and you will do great 😊

    • Larry miller
      3 days ago

      I also know, any woodworker worth their salt, after all sanding is complete, mist the wood with water, let fully dry, then high grit sandpaper the surface.

      The reason for this is, when you mist the wood, wood fibers will stand up, no no no.

      If you add a liquid to the sanded wood, the fibers will stand, = not smooth like it could or should be.

  • C
    3 days ago

    If you dont want to do all that work and you aren’t in Love with the table, just get a bottle of “Old English” furniture polis with stain. This is done a lot in antique stores for a “quick fix”

  • Dfm
    11 hours ago

    what you have is a thin covering of a veneer, it won't hold up to sanding. you can get a new veneer sheet to put on. there used to be you tube videos on the how to do.

  • Hi Astride! I can tell you how to stain your coffee table with Dixie Belle Products! :)

    It is super easy to stain with Dixie Belle:

    Step one: Clean with White Lightning

    Step two: Apply your choice of color of No Pain Gel Stain (oil-based) or VooDoo Gel Stain (water-based) in long smooth motions

    Step four: Use Gator Hide for a water-repellent finish

    No sanding required!

    Here is a great video about how to use our No Pain Gel Stain

    If you ever need help or have any questions you can feel free to call us at 813-909-1962 during business hours. We have a full staff here eager to help you!

    We have an awesome group on FB that gives you all kinds of help if you are interested. click here to join:

  • Dee
    30 minutes ago

    You need to lightly sand and stain in the color of your choice.

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