Asked 4 days ago

How do I polish up my glass stove top?



My glass stovetop has lost its shine over the element that is most used. It is not scratched, just cloudy. How can I bring the gloss back?

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  • Mindshift
    4 days ago

    You need to use a ceramic stove top cleaner/polish. It's the polish part that you need, but most of these seem to be a combination. When your stove top is cool work the cleaner/polish into the cloudy area. Follow the manufacturer's directions on wiping off and buffing.

  • Pat Freeman
    4 days ago

    Ceramic stove top cleaner plus using a razor blade to scrape off the cloudy parts.

  • I would clean with a good microfiber cloth to remove build up.

    Scratches can be removed with baking soda and water to pudding consistency. Apply to cool top, clean and wipe. Buff with second cloth.

  • GlassLady
    2 days ago

    I used Fume Free Easy Off Oven Cleaner in my high school Foods Classroom. Spray on cold services, let sit overnight. Usually it wiped right off. You may need to apply a second coat to rehydrate the first coat. Or repeat the procedure. It works well on enamels, stainless, and glass. It also removes paint and dulls aluminum.

  • Henri001
    2 days ago

    I use Barkeepers Friend with a little water to make a paste...rub in circular pattern over the cook top....use a razor blade (I have what is called a widget...just a razor blade with a handle) to carefully scrape off any residue on the burners...wipe up with a wet sponge and water, then use a microfiber cloth to buff it dry...Mine shines like it is brand new and it goes thru a LOT of cooking!!

  • Holly
    30 minutes ago

    I've tried what's mentioned above, but personally I've found Turtle Wax brand bug and tar remover is superior. I know it's not really for stoves, but when I tried it I was desperate! It worked wonders. Just remember to buff it off after your done cleaning.

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