Asked on Feb 8, 2019

How do I get the smell of dog pee out of my house?

Sondra TeigenPolly FullerNancy Turner


I have tried just about everything I have found online to remove to odor of dog pee. It works at the moment but seems to not be a permanent fix. It seems to come back when sun or heat hit the area. We even replaced floors but that nagging seam between the door and the floor is where it seems to be reasonating from. Tried I’ve rthe counter, bleach, vinegar and baking soda. HELP!!!

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  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
    on Feb 8, 2019

    Tonia, it is probably coming from the subfloor. Can you pull up that area of flooring? If so, you need to seal the area that has urine with Kilz. That will stop it from migrating into the new flooring

  • Marcia
    on Feb 9, 2019

    You must use an enzyme cleaner that targets urine. I use Nature's Miracle for Cat Urine - I presume it will also work on dog urine. Buy a gallon of it from any large big box pet supply place or Amazon and use a black light in a very dark room to detect where the source of the smell is coming from (corners, behind the couch, etc.). Once you fine the source, POUR on the Nature's Miracle. Don't squirt, don't dribble, POUR it on - really saturate that area(s). Best wishes. Urine smell is the worst.

  • Sally
    on Feb 9, 2019

    Natures miracle! Otherwise Kilz on the subfloor.

    • Sharon Gott Griffin
      Sharon Gott Griffin
      on Feb 9, 2019

      When you eventually replace that floor it will be necessary to mop all sub floors with Kilz or any pet that comes to that area will use it again because they can still identify it as an elimination area. Kilz will remove this from the sub flooring!

  • Nancy Turner
    Nancy Turner
    on Feb 9, 2019

    I use full strength vinegar to saturate the area and then some. When it dries, give it the sniff test and repeat (it is dry when you don't smell the vinegar). The vinegar can really soak into fabric, wood, anything porous, as does the urine and it can spread and seep all over the place.

  • Polly Fuller
    Polly Fuller
    on Feb 9, 2019

    you also need a transition strip between the door and the floor to block odors coming from the subfloor. light scented candles when you have guests.

  • Sondra Teigen
    Sondra Teigen
    on Feb 9, 2019

    Clorox urine gone works great. The active ingredient is Hydrogen peroxide. I have used peroxide to clean my bathroom after "boy's". Cleans, sanitizer and gets smell out. Also used after the dogs piddles too.

    • Carol Wright
      Carol Wright
      on Feb 11, 2019

      Thanks for this tip, I have a little Yorkie that is constantly sneaking into my bathroom that has tile floors. And, I can always smell it before I see it. I've used clorox spray cleaner but still smell where she has left my "present". I'll try the peroxide cleaner and see if that works for me. Thanks again.

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