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How do you repair foil wrapped cabinets?

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q how to repair diol wrapped cabinets
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  • If anything, get some parchment paper and your iron. lay it flat and iron with the parchment paper over it. It may not "stick" but will at least conform again.

  • Zard Pocleeb
    2 days ago

    Not much you can do with these other than carefully trim off the loose part and carefully paint the bare spot.

  • Thanks for suggestions...will give them a try...

  • Vonda Morphew
    2 days ago

    All you need is some glue and a credit card to smooth out the loose edges.

  • Susan
    2 days ago

    I used Gorilla Glue Super Glue. If there are missing pieces maybe dab them with white paint!

  • First warning when using sure not to glue your cabinet or drawers use wax paper to cover after glueing to keep this from happening..the glue I use doesn't stick to wax paper..and the glue I used was E-6000 in white ..I bought it by mistake once and when my cupboard by the stove started to peel this is what I used and the white color was a plus...but next time I might try to even out the peel with a cool iron first as directed in above suggestions ..

  • Ty Arsenault

    Hello Debbie, my name is Ty and I am the owner of N-Hance of Canton, in Ohio. We give our customers a couple choices when dealing with peeling doors. We can provide new doors to replace the foil wrapped doors and spray them any color you choose and spray the boxes to match. Or we peel the foil off and spray your existing doors whatever color you choose. Keeps from having to replace all your cabinets. I suggest looking up your local N-Hance franchise to see what they can do for you.

  • Joy30150932

    A good gorilla glue should do the trick for you. As an added tip, you can use liquid corrector for whitening small areas on blinds, appliances, etc to cover any bare spots with ease. In case you do not know what liquid corrector is, it is the white touch up used for whitening out errors on paper.

  • Be careful with Gorilla glue. Some kind of it expands as it dries.

  • Pat

    Had a painter in recently to paint my kitchen cabinets and he used contact cement and covered the spot with painters tape to hold it down. My husband tried to "fix' a spot in the bathroom with the hair dryer and made it worse.

  • Beth Bourquin

    heat will melt the plastic wrap. You can cut the loose/damaged piece away with an exacto knife then fill with wood putty or bondo Or use Power Grab to glue plastic piece back down. When dry, sand lightly and touch up with semi gloss paint.

  • Laura Jacobson Lamb
    30 minutes ago

    I peeled off the foil and painted them. They look great and have held up for over two years now.

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