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How do I remove water spots on my new vinyl plank flooring?

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Bought a brand new vinyl plank flooring. When I mopped with Mop & Glow it left stricks and water spots. How can I remove those water spots. Already tried Lysol All purpose with ammonia mixed in water and that did not remove the water spots. This problem only happened in one section of the flooring the rest is ok. Please advise.

q bought a brand new vylnile floor
q bought a brand new vylnile floor
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  • Redcatcec
    3 days ago

    Call the manufacturer of the product and see what they say.

  • Barbara
    2 days ago

    I don't believe that you are supposed to use mop and glow on vinyl plank flooring you are probably going to have to remove the mop and glow but I would contact the manufacturer to see what products you can use on it. My Vinyl plank flooring tells you which products not to use and what you can use. Hope you can resolve this without too many issues. Good luck.

  • I would try vinegar. I just saw a neighbors plank flooring and it was all greasy and smudgy looking. I know her cleaning ladies used the wrong product on it. It looked awful.

    • When I say vinegar it’s a solution of like a cup to a gallon in hot water. Let it sit for a few minute wet and then go over it with a clean microfiber cloth or I actually have microfiber cloth mops. Get that other mop and glow stuff cleaned out of your mop. Give it away. Not good for anything.

  • Lah
    2 days ago

    It looks like that is where you initially applied the Mop and Glow. I would contact the manufacturer or check paperwork that came with the flooring before I would try anything that could do further damage.

  • Janwebster
    2 days ago

    Directions that came with my LVP said to use water and vinegar. After two years of living with my floors, I now use water, cleaning vinegar and a squirt of blue Dawn.

    We we have four dogs that go in and out the doggy door all day, and my floors stay nice looking.

  • Dee
    2 days ago

    I think you need to call the manufacturer. I would not use Mop and Glow or Holland House on LVP or Laminate or anywhere else for that matter. You are going to have to remove the mop and glow which is going to be a bear.

  • Michelle
    2 days ago

    I have vinyl plank flooring I was told not to use mop and glo, or any other floor cleaner. The flooring company gave me a spray by Amstrong no smells you spray and use a wet mop only. Floors are cleaned afterwards

  • Cheryl Williamsen
    14 hours ago

    Yes call Technical Support at the manufacturer. This shouldn’t happen.

  • Laurie ferdelman
    31 minutes ago

    I have a house cleaning service and I was told by a flooring company to use Bona floor cleaner for vinyl , stone and laminate. Not the Bona wood floor cleaner. I have that flooring in our basement and use Bona. It works great, natural cleaner, so odors, no streaks.

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