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How do I fix/repair wood look laminate?

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How to repair wood look laminate countertop ?

q any ideas on fixing repairing wood look laminate

Any ideas on how to fix/repair wood look laminate ? Thank you

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  • Joy30150932

    Have your thought about buying a counter top kit to refinish. This will give you an updated look and really is not that hard to apply as long as you follow the instructions. Everything you require is usually included in the kit. The kits come on sale periodically so watch for a good sale.

  • Dwp7470b

    That looks like a Stain from a pot that laid on there too long.

    You can try an SOS Pad, with scouring powder like Comet, or even give it a Soak in Vinegar, but that can damage the sheen. So it really relies on how fussy you are.

    No Cleanser will really fully resolve that. It is absorbed in.

    For a Higher degree of Satisfaction, You need to Power Sand the Entire and apply a coat or two of Polyurethane after you evenly sand the stain out.

    It is unfortunate but if you are fussy as I am: You can try & try and get a degree of satisfaction but you by knowing where it was will yet see the spots and residues.

  • Nancy Turner

    If it is in a good spot, you could always put a cutting board over the area until you can get it fixed up to hide it, or leave it in place all the time. I have an area next to my stove that I keep a cutting board out all the time as other inhabitants of the house was using the laminate as a cutting board and I was afraid it would get damaged since it is right by the knife blocks.

  • Well! I think you should hide it. I have a very simple idea. Have you old CD of any movie then cover it with burlap or any old gift bag and put over this nasty stain. You can put any vase, any pot or any thing else over it. As we can not use cutting board at the same place all time.

  • Dee
    30 minutes ago

    You can always cut it out and replace with tile for a permanent hot plate.

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