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How to pick wall color for bedroom?

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We have a light pine color bedroom set.... struggling to find the perfect wall color to compliment the furniture as we do not want to paint it!

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  • Kathy Gunter Law
    3 hours ago

    Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a pretty color that I think would work well.

  • Dfm
    3 hours ago

    Go to the paint center, many now have exrtra large color chips...same size as a sheet of paper. Pick a few that you like. Put the sample in the room, and live with it for a few days. Then put it on another wall for a few more days. How does that wall look? Keep going to you get to the ah ha moment. Some consult a color wheel, pine is yellow ish, so what is opposite of it? That may be a color that you like.

  • Oliva
    2 hours ago

    Hi, Tami,

    You'll need to select numerous paint chips in shades of blues, greens, creme, yellow, or pale browns with yellow or orange undertones, dependent upon the shade of your pine. Remember that lighting in the paint dept. Is not what you have at home, and paint is almost always darker on your wall than it appears in the store, so tape the chips to the wall by the furniture. Check colors at morning, noon, evening, night time, and with and without room lights turned on. Over no more than a 3 day period (presuming you have no rainy or snowy periods), your color selection should become obvious. The ones least likely to work should be readily apparent.

    If your intent is to make the paint harmonize with both furniture and floor, place paint chips of same color in both areas.

  • Shore grandmom
    2 hours ago

    To pick a paint color, go to the paint store and get a bunch of the color cards, make sure to grab some out of the box colors (you never know). Tape then to the walls and go into the room at different times of the day and in different kinds of weather. The cards have different shades of the same color. Remove the whole card if you don't like that color at all. If you like a certain shade or two on a card, cut the rest of the colors out. Close your eyes and picture the room in each color. If you can't decide and have a few left, get sample pints, paint them on the walls and do the same thing again. I would think a nice soft blue or aqua would look good. A color wheel can help you get started. They say it's best to find the color you want to compliment and go to the opposite side of the chart. Here is one to help you.

  • Homeroad
    30 minutes ago

    I always go toward neutrals. I like Ballet White by Benjamin Moore. You can see photos of that color in my home here...

    29 minutes ago

    What colors does your bedding have? Can you start there to pull out a color?

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