Asked on Jun 21, 2012

important BBQ question

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if you run out of lighter fluid, is it safe to use WD-40 as a replacement?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jun 21, 2012

    I don't even want to think about that....why not just get some "match light" charcoal? If you are using natural charcoal, a bit of newspaper work just fine.

  • Dee W
    on Jun 21, 2012

    We have used small, broken twigs like kindling also. Takes awhile longer to get going but you already expect a wait when you use charcoal.

  • Jesse M
    on Jun 21, 2012

    I wouldn't recommend it. If it event burns well enough, you definitely wouldn't want those additional chemicals in your grill or anywhere near your food.

  • Take a old large coffee can. or an old metal gallon paint can if you do a lot of BBQ. Open up both ends. Then take several sections of newspaper. And ball it up real tight and place it in bottom of can. Suspend the can on three or four bricketts so air can enter in under the bottom. Then fill the top half of the can with the remaining until its full. Light the fire and let it burn for about 15 min or so. Then take a pair of pliers or kitchen tongs and lift the can up and allow the lit charcoal fall out of the bottom. Done, no chemicals, or match light stuff to use.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jun 22, 2012 can buy these "starter" cans ready made I have sen them a little bit cheaper than this.

  • Abc
    on Jun 22, 2012

    thanks everyone!

  • Jeanette S
    on Jun 6, 2015

    Unless the store is a hundred miles away, go get the proper lighter fluid. Do not put chemicals into your food!

  • Gabrielle Falk
    on Apr 27, 2016

    And for goodness sake - don't use petrol. So many people have been severely burned by throwing petrol/kerosene on the bbq. You throw it on the fire, and the fire just follows the liquid. Hence, the person throwing the flammable liquid, gets almost like a 'blow back' situation. Use matches, and some bunched up newspaper. A whole lot safer.A very late reply, but only just appeared (Wed April 2016). Regards, Gabrielle from Sydney

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