How do I repair a lamp shade?


I have a set of lamps with very unique shades. The "liner" of one shade seems to have dry-rot. I would like to patch it somehow. I thought of using a similar piece of material, fraying the edges and Modge podge. But, I have no idea if that would help or make it worse.

q repair a lamp shade
q repair a lamp shade
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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Feb 21, 2019

    Repair like that will show thru, plus will keep deteriorating . You need to totally recover the shade. Look to you tube for tutorials on how to do that. You can have it recovered prof but very exspensive. New shade would be least exspensive.

  • Betsy Betsy on Feb 21, 2019

    Hi Patti: Kelli is right. The shade will look good during the day, but when you turn it on, the repair will show, unless you turn it towards the back. You can try some iron on interfacing, but that would be tricky. I'm afraid you either need to buy a new shade or try to recover this one. Good luck

  • Grace Gleason Grace Gleason on Feb 22, 2019

    What would happen if you just remove the liner?

  • Carol Cole Carol Cole on Feb 22, 2019

    I would redo it if the shade shape is something you like about it. Look in the remnants at any place that sells material.

  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Feb 22, 2019

    Moisten the inner lining with the steam from your iron. Don't get it soaked, just damp. Just the inner liner, not the outer shade part. Once moistened, just gently sew it with matching thread & let it dry.

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Feb 22, 2019

    I was trying to reinforce a finely caned chair back beginning to break. Got some very sheer organza in similar color fabric store. I brushed a good clear drying wood glue to the backside of cane and laid the organza over it, pressing it into glue. Once dried it was barely visible but stopped the cane breaking further. Technique is worth a try and the organza only cost me $1.50 for a yard. Sheer silk would be better but I could not find any that was sheer enough.

  • Thomas Thomas on Feb 22, 2019

    remove the old covering and replace it with paper doilies just glue to the frame

    and you can even paint them to a color of your choice.

  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Feb 22, 2019

    I would do this. Take all the fabric off them and make them into something fun and funky. Then, find a couple at a thrift store (or new) that you like.

    Here are some ideas. Hope they help.

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