How can toilet problems be resolved?


I am not certain if this type of question can be answered-I'll give it a shot.

This home was built in 1955. I have been living in it for 20 year.

I can recall the problem in flushing a toilet from the very beginning. I AM NOT REFERRING TO FLUSHING URINE, BUT STOOL OR TOILET PAPER.

Two years ago, we had the toilets replaced. I believe that was not the route to go, because we are having the same problem We purchased the toilets from Home Depot. We didn't know of a plumber who could install the toilets. Home Depot has a list of contractors (in plumbing for our purpose). Two men came and did a HALF

A-- job. One of the toilets comes off the floor when you sit on it and of course the BIG problem is NOT BEING ABLE TO FLUSH STOOL OR TOILET PAPER. You have to sit on the toilet gently,or risk the toilet coming off the floor. The other toilet DOES NOT FLUSH STOOL AT ALL - not any kind, soft hard or size matters (I'm trying not to be graphic, but i must in order for someone to offer a solution to this BIG problem) .

We got in touch with (what turned out to be fly by night) guys. One of them came back and put some kind of "putty" around the base of the toilets. That didn;t do anything about the situation.

Due to family illness. This BIG PROBLEM has been put on the back burner. NOW its even more difficult to handle the LACK of working toilets due to the nature of the illness.

My husband is convinced that the reason for the problem is due to small sewer pipe. Whether it is or isn't, we are not able to find the name or number of the "two fly by night guys. " My husband says that we weren't given a receipt?????

The medical situation is not going to get better. I called Home Depot to ask if they had a listing of people who do work for customers. I was told that they provide names and numbers, but they are not responsible for the type of work they do.

How can we solve this problem? Do we have to hire and PAY a reputable plumber to solve the problem of un- flushable toilets? Is home depot the place we should turn to to solve this issue?

Any type of help would be appreciated.

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