Surface wiring (old)

We have an old home (1940s). Each bedroom has only 1 outlet and the wires look the same. The main box has been updated to current standards. I've been reading about this surface wiring where you can add more outlets to a room jumping it from one outlet using Wiremold raceway. Does anyone have any experience with this? Could this be a DIY project? We're in the process of remodeling one of the bedrooms for a tween and would really like to add more outlets without having to rip up the plaster walls or paying the cost of an ivy league college tuition for an electrician. Thanks in advance!
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Jul 30, 2014
    Personally, I wouldn't mess with it, but if you want to reference something similar @John posted this about outlets
    • Keisha Keisha on Jul 30, 2014
      @Hannah V thanks for the link! It was informative but John was using new wiring. When working with old wiring, it's a little different. I appreciate it though! Happy DIYing!
  • Lynn Lawson Lynn Lawson on Jul 31, 2014
    Old wiring? Tubes and knobs, etc? You'd best get an electrician, because fooling around with that can cause a fire. In newer wiring, you can do that, but be aware all outlets will operate at the same time. ie: Overhead light and ambient lighting may go on the same time and off the same time. It may also be hooked to a ceiling fan and anything else the tween plugs in. Believe me, that is a hassle. My contractor hooked my main bath switch to my overhead light and the exhaust fan. I flip it and everything goes on. I'm deaf for the duration and if I shut it off, the lights go off. A pita!
  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on Aug 01, 2014
    You need to run more circuits with new wires. A lot of the old wires don't have grounds, and they get very brittle with age. Important to follow code on this. It shouldn't be necessary to remove the old wires, just cut them off and add new ones.
  • Working with electricity is not a DIY beginner project. You will need to have a new box installed to handle the new load. I live in a 28 year old house and when we gutted the kitchen and added on we had to install another circuit box to handle the load. You cannot take a chance with old wiring. With a teen who uses a blow dryer and flat iron or even using the vacuum can blow your circuits and shorten the life of the appliances in your home. Electricians know how to run wire in existing walls so it is wise to get estimates and do this the right way! good luck.
  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on Aug 02, 2014
    What I've done with several of my old places, is add separate circuit breakers for the microwave bypassing the house box, run straight to the main panel outside. Dishwasher needs its own too. When they built the homes, they had no idea what kind of electrical equipment we'd be running today!