Duplex with unique front..needs curb appeal!!

As you can see, I am improving the house with gardens...however, the front under deck, which is the walk out basement needs something done to it!! I dont like lattice work, that is not an option. I though of some kind of "barn doors" that slide on a metal track to hide under deck, but still be functional. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the front...after planting the side gardens...
Side of house as a big plain white house....
Side of house with some T.L.C...in progress!! The property looks at a marina and overlooks an inlet to the ocean....has potential!!

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  • Meri C Meri C on Jun 23, 2012
    Pavers on the driveway.. Enclose under the awning/porch/deck with something that will allow you to look out, like a mesh screen material, or windows. Make it into a "mud room"... And more shrubbery along sides of driveway...
  • Jcraw Jcraw on Nov 02, 2016
    I don't like lattice either, But. If you used sturdy Square lattice, which is kind of good looking and reasonable, and hook-on baskets, you could have a very interesting hanging garden. Flowers, herbs, dwarf evergreens (a mini container garden) for year-round color. It looks like you have enough sunlight to make that work well. You would still have some light beneath the overhang to see what you're doing. Access to storage by hinging one of the panels with a door wide enough to get out the snow blower. I would definitely shutter all the windows. I'm a black fan. I'd also paint the trim around your front door the black, or add trim, because right now it's kind of invisible
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