20 DIY Garden Ideas to Redefine Your Outdoor Space on a Budget

If you’re looking to find budget-conscious garden ideas to redesign and improve the use of your space, you’ve come to the right place. This article is designed to shine a spotlight on the many Hometalkers that have successfully undertaken their own DIY garden ideas.

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 Garden Decor ideas

This Hometalker found it hard to buy cool-looking garden décor at fair prices, so they upcycled instead. A resourceful way of adding charm and character to your

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fairy garden ideas

If light-hearted and whimsical is what you’re looking for in a garden, look no further than this fairy garden. This Hometalker is part of a garden club and works hard on

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herb garden ideas

This Hometalker created her own rustic herb garden at home using things she’d found or saved. Without having to spend a dime, she accumulated items such as a large but

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garden bed ideas

If you don’t have space for both a garden bed and a compost heap, this two-in-one design could just work. This Hometalker used the “keyhole garden bed method” to build a

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Mini Garden Ideas

This Hometalker was inspired by the movie, Oz The Great and Powerful, to create a China Town-style teapot garden. Using delicate teacups, creamers, sugar bowls, and a

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rock garden ideas

It has taken them some time, but this Hometalker family has finally refurbished their side porch. They mulled over a string of rock garden ideas before deciding on a

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garden fountain ideas

A water feature can bring any outdoor living space to life. This Hometalker recommends fountainscapes. Water features offer melodic sounds and have a natural tendency to

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small rock garden ideas

This Hometalker stumbled across a container of rocks that enabled her to undertake a long-held garden idea. Some time ago, this Hometalker created a large mosaic rock,

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Creative Garden Edge Ideas

If you want an eye-catching way to differentiate your garden from your flower beds, look no further. This Hometalker suggests nine effective garden edges that will

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Garden Pots

Have you ever considered reusing broken flower pots? This Hometalker finds creative ways of repurposing them. Do you have a string of broken flower pots? Perhaps you have

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DIY Herb Garden

This is one of the best small garden ideas if you are blessed with only a small courtyard or patio area. If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, this vertical herb garden

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Herb Garden Wheels

This Hometalker revealed one of the most inventive herb garden ideas we’ve seen: a herb garden "wheel". Her local scouts and guides had devised this herb wheel garden for

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