17 DIY Coffee Table Ideas to Transform Your Living Space

If you don’t have a huge amount of disposable income, but you have the willingness and flair to create your own furniture, a DIY coffee table could be a great way to create a stylish feature in your home whilst adding much-needed household storage.

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This Pallet Coffee Table DIY Project Cost Just $60

These Hometalker newlyweds didn’t have a big budget for a coffee table, so they made their own out of crates. Using four wooden crates, a single 2 X 4 piece of wood, and

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Pallet Coffee Table DIY

Turning a Pile of Wood into a DIY Coffee Table Vision

This Hometalker spent just $50 on materials to turn her own rustic coffee table DIY project into a stunning reality. The distressed look of the table legs makes it look

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Wood Coffee Table DIY

How to Build a Coffee Table 42 X 42 With Drawers

Do you have an eye for woodwork? Check out this guide on how to build a coffee table from scratch. This Hometalker lists all of the materials you’ll need to build the

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How to Build a Coffee Table 42 X 42

Use Chalk Paint to Give Your Coffee Table a DIY Makeover

Who knew that a little bit of chalk paint could give this vintage wooden coffee table a whole new identity? This Hometalker sure did. Their old coffee table had exposed

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Chalk Paint Coffee Table

Create This DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table With a Little Woodwork

This Hometalker had trouble deciding on a suitable coffee table, so opted to make their own farmhouse version. They recommend deciding on the right shape of your DIY

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Farmhouse Coffee Table

The Beauty of Upcycling an Existing Coffee Table

This Hometalker couldn’t bring herself to throw away her tired coffee table and opted to upcycle instead. After fixing a broken table leg – and a lot of waxing – they

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Upcycling an Existing Coffee Table

This DIY Rustic Coffee Table Was Made Using a Factory Cart

This Hometalker wanted a restored factory cart coffee table, but couldn’t afford the hefty price tag. So, her husband opted to build one for her from scratch. The wooden

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Rustic Coffee Table

Stylish & Contemporary DIY Coffee Table With a Metallic Finish

For those that want a trendy industrial coffee table without the 2019 price tag, check out this easy hack. This Hometalker spent less than $20 on materials to create a

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Stylish DIY Coffee Table With a Metallic Finish

This 3-In-1 DIY Coffee Table is the Epitome of Storage

Multi-functional coffee tables normally come at a cost, unless you build one to size yourself! This Hometalker made her own thrifty 3-in-1 DIY coffee table using only a

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 3-In-1 DIY Coffee Table with Storage

This Planked Farmhouse-Style Coffee Table is So Homely

If you’ve always wanted that planked, farmhouse-style coffee table in your home, check out this project. This Hometalker measured the tabletop before purchasing a piece

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Farmhouse-Style Coffee Table

Find Out How to Create Your Own Sawhorse Coffee Table

This Hometalker loved the Ipe wood used on their kitchen cabinets so much they used it for their new coffee table. All you need to replicate this sawhorse-style DIY

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Sawhorse Coffee Table

Turn a Tired Coffee Table into a Sleek Mirrored Coffee Table

This Hometalker wondered how easy it would be to spruce up their old coffee table on a budget. If you’re tired of looking at your old, battered coffee table, this project

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Mirrored Coffee Table

Integrate Classy Art into Your DIY Coffee Table

Instead of putting classic or contemporary art on your walls, why not fit it on your new coffee table? That’s what this Hometalker recently did when they couldn’t find a

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frame  DIY Coffee Table

Upcycle Your Old Coffee Table With a Bright, Vibrant Stencil

If you want to make a design statement for your DIY coffee table, try a simple yet effective stencil. This Hometalker had successfully upcycled her new coffee table, but

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Upcycle Old Coffee Table

Leftover Fence Boards? Use them to Build a DIY Rustic Coffee Table

This Hometalker had used three living room coffee tables in a year before deciding to make their own. They got inspiration from an old reclaimed wooden coffee table in a

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Build a DIY Rustic Coffee Table

Get This Faux-Marble Effect Using DC Fix Contact Paper

This Hometalker regularly “flips” furniture and saw an opportunity with a $20 coffee table makeover. After purchasing this relatively small rectangular coffee table on

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DIY Marble Coffee Table

This Inlay Stencil Has Transformed a Cheap Ikea Lack Table

If you can only afford a basic Ikea lack table for your first living room, a simple inlay stencil can make all the difference. This Hometalker used a Priya Bone Inlay

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Transformed a Cheap Ikea Lack Table