Pallet Bench & Pallet Coffee Table

This is my pallet bench n pallet coffee table. I made the bench out of 10 straight pallets and 1 sheet of plywood. I am sorry I don't have many pictures of the beginning stages of this project but I did take some. But here are the tools I used: drill,hammer,pry bar,circular saw, wood screws, measuring tape and a sander with 60 grit. Thank you for your time.
Ok this is what I did I cut 5 pallets down the middle. Stacked 4 on top of each other screw them down together. Then I measured my plywood to the size of the bench.Then fifth pallet I stood it side ways n from the scraps of the pallets that I cut I used as brackets to support the back so when u lean back it won't fall back. Then I took 5 more pallets n did the same n cut them down the middle. After that I cut those down the middle.That will be your other side of your bench then I brace them to together n did the same for the back rest.
For the arms I just used the end of the pallets n just screwed a scrap piece from the pallet for the top piece. And on the front of the pallets I use scrap pieces to cover the holes n it give it a little design. N I used the sander on ever piece I used.
I used dark brown deck paint
For the coffee table I used 4 pallets. I cut those 4 pallets down the middle n stack them n screw them down together. For the top I just used the same sheet of plywood n measured to match pallets.
For the front I use the same technique I use for the bench n used scraps from the pallets
I Used the same paint
Finished product

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