Take Your Yard to New Heights With Ten Terrific Raised Garden Bed Tips

A raised garden bed can add some serious character to your yard. In our rundown of raised garden bed projects, you’ll not only get tips on how to make your own planter but build something that yields results time and time again. Put simply, our community’s fantastic creations will bring color, life and sustenance to your garden in the most attractive ways possible.

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raised garden bed

The devil in any DIY project is the detail. Thanks to Hometalker Jeanne Grunert, you can get the perfect raised garden bed with these simple tips…In planning the above

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raised garden bed plans

This project by Jason Lee is an easy way to make your own raised garden bed, even if you’re not a wizard with wood. Jason purchased six 2”x 6” x 8” pressure-treated

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 diy raised garden bed

Raised garden beds can be as individual as the space they’re giving a lift. Old pallets to cedar are great ways to achieve the natural look in your garden. However, as

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raised garden bed ideas

With functionality a key component of any garden project, this nail-free idea from Stephen Taylor is perfect for portable planters. The reason we love this bed is because

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cheap raised garden beds

One of the best ways to make your own cheap raised garden bed is to take apart an old pallet. However, as Cmoonlitwolf has shown us, an old cedar draw can be even more

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raised garden bed design

All raised beds are above ground level - but some rise above the others. This project from Tamara Jansen will elevate your entire garden! After stumbling across four

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raised vegetable garden beds

A raised bed is as much about protection as aesthetics and vegetables need more looking after than most. Fortunately, as Laura’s project demonstrates, practicality and

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how to make a raised garden bed

Industrial materials are only secure but also eyecatching. Using some old corrugated irons sheets, Carole used tin snips to start the cuts. Then, with one person standing

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cheap raised garden beds ideas

Cement blocks can create a solid, innovative raised bed that looks great in any garden. Laying first layer of blocks on their side, Carole was able to make a base that

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