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Abbie M
Abbie M
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  • Brooklyn, NY

Grab an IKEA Storage Cube for This Brilliant Seating Trick!

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I was at IKEA searching for more storage and seating solutions when I came across this tall storage cube unit and I instantly had an idea!

(Check out the video for more how-to's!  )

ikea kallax storage bench

I purchased the "KALLAX" cube unit.

ikea kallax storage bench

ikea kallax storage bench

First, I assembled my storage cube unit. I purchased this particular storage cube because it uses multiple pieces to make it super sturdy! Although, you could use any sturdy cube you like!

ikea kallax storage bench

Back at home I sanded it, stained it & let it dry.

ikea kallax storage bench

Next, I set it on its side and measured the length and the width of it.

ikea kallax storage bench

Then, I took a trip to Home Depot. I purchased some wood and they cut it to size for me for free!

ikea kallax storage bench

After it was dry I sealed it with a Polycrylic.

ikea kallax storage bench
ikea kallax storage bench

ikea kallax storage bench

ikea kallax storage bench

ikea kallax storage bench

While my wood was drying I grabbed some lockable swivel caster wheels. Make sure you purchase the appropriate amount of wheels that that will hold the amount of weight you will be putting on it. Also add more wheels to distribute weight.

I added 6 wheels total. (I made sure to purchase lockable wheels so it will stay in place when you want it to, but you can also move it around!)

I laid out the wheels, market them, pre drilled and screwed in the screws. (I wanted to avoid wood splitting so i used a screw driver instead of my drill to screw in the screws).

ikea kallax storage bench
ikea kallax storage bench

After the wheels were attached, I flipped over the cube.

After the glue was dry I also reinforced the top by pre drilling and adding wood screws to the four corners.

Next, after the wood was dry, I applied wood glue and attached my wood to it on top.

This bench is so customizable and perfect for any style and so many uses!

Need extra seating? Add some pillows!

You can stain the wood all sorts of colors to match your style, add foam and fabric and have an upholstered bench, or you can also add a different base other than wheels -- the possibilites are endless!

Need a place to store blankets? Put it at the end of your bed or in your living room!

Need more cold weather gear storage? Put it in your entryway or mudroom!

Have pet toys and supplies lying around? Store them here after playtime!

Switch out pillows and cubes to change up the style!

I hope this inspires you to make your own easy storage bench, see you in my next video!

Suggested materials:

  • Kallax Storage Cube
  • Wood Glue
  • Drill
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  • Butterfly
    3 days ago

    Where did you get drawers to fit?

  • Elana Gerson
    3 days ago

    BEAUTIFUL- and such a well-done video!!! Really great how you showed all the different uses (and kitty did a great job in his/her cameo performance). Wish all instructions were so well done. Only question/suggestion- why not sink the screws on the top so they won't be visible?

  • Donald
    3 days ago

    What does it look like finished??

    • Jewellmartin

      Donald, it looks like all the following photos. Abbie shows several uses and variations, so it can look like you need it to for storage, seating, or a combo. You could furnish a whole room with these units, especially with a mattress on top. Got my brain stirring!

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  • Linda
    3 days ago

    Abbie, I absolutely love this and will be looking for your other projects. Thanks for sharing

  • Mis14036846
    3 days ago

    I agree with crazyliblady, it is out of sequence, but just watch the video , nice job!!

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