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5 Brilliant Ways To Upcycle Dollar Store Rugs

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Here's why you should never overlook Dollar Store rugs!

Check out the video for more how-to's!

5 brilliant ways to upcycle dollar store rugs

First, grab your rug & stack pillows in the center. I had some outdoor couch pillows lying around my apartment so that's what I used - but you can use regular bed pillows as well.

Next, place another rug on top & check to make sure the top rug lines up with the bottom rug & the sides line up as well. After that, thread a large embroidery needle with embroidery thread & begin stitching. I stitched these twice & then added some E6000 fabric fusion glue to make sure it was super secure.

After you're done stitching the first side, pull out the pillows & flip the rug (inside out) so the stitched side is on either side of the rug. Stitch this side the same way.

Next, flip the rug inside out & you will have a sewn tube. After that, place the pillows back inside.

Next, tuck a third rug into the sides of the tube & begin stitching. Again I stitched the sides twice & added fabric glue as well.

After that, add the 4th rug to the other side, stitch & let it dry.

& that's it! Now you have an adorable comfy rag rug bean bag chair!  perfect for extra seating or a pet bed!

5 brilliant ways to upcycle dollar store rugs


Start by grabbing a rug & gluing it to a Dollar Store pot.

Then cut out a circle to put on the bottom to finish off the ends!

This is such a cute planter or faux basket to store all sorts of things in!

5 brilliant ways to upcycle dollar store rugs


Start by grab a rug & a wooden dowel.

Place the dowel on the rug & roll the top of the rug to the desired height. Hot glue to hold in place & add some E6000 fabric fusion glue to secure it.

After that, let it dry & hang it on the wall!

This is the easiest wall art I've ever made. It brightens up any boring blank wall with a statement filled with colors & textures!

For the other two ideas follow the link below!

Suggested materials:

  • Rag Rug
  • E6000
  • Wooden Dowel
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