How do I choose plants for zone 8?


Best plants and placement for low maintenance plants in Zone 8. Want to make this area a complete bush/flower bed.

q suggestions please
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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Mar 03, 2019

    Visit your local nursery to get more information for your area and free ideas.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 03, 2019

    Head down to your local Plant Centre or DIY that sells Plants if you don't have a Garden Centre near you and ask them for there advice, as they will know best what goes well in your area.

  • Emily Emily on Mar 03, 2019

    Hostas are wonderful care free plants. Don't grow too tall and do spread. Plus they come in a variety of choices.

  • Janice Janice on Mar 03, 2019

    Contact your County Extension Agent (listed under government agencies). They can advise you of what will grow best in your area and may even be able to test your soil so you know what amendments need to be made to make great sol for what you intend to plant. They are free and can often put you in contact with people/companies/foundations that offer free plants to green up the country.

  • Lynn Black Lynn Black on Mar 03, 2019
    1. Pressure wash brick and install gutters 2. Place stone planters -equal to window width - under windows and fill with ivy for no maintenance or for color add blooming plants, don’t paint stone/concrete planters 3. Paint window trim and inset shutters a dark maroon (matched to brick) or a coffee/cream tan, or just remove shutters-conflict of style, if very industrious add wider window trim... home is more modern...include front door, benches, and pots when painting 4. Plant upright & narrow growing evergreens on both sides of all front windows 5. Place multicolor tan pea gravel channel (6-8” wide) at home’s foundation to prevent future splash up 6. Clear away stones from shallow drainage ditch and maintain a grass ditch 7. Plant zone friendly Nandina bushes at home’s corners and on both sides of front walk for shape (bushy) and don’t trim for height.
  • Oliva Oliva on Mar 03, 2019

    Looks like algae is forming on your bricks. Plants up against your home will have the potential to invite bugs into your home, and further encourage algae growth.

    You might consider a 12-18" border of stone pebbles against the house, before adding plants and mulch. There are sprays available to "lock" pebbles in place.

  • Sue Peet Sue Peet on Mar 04, 2019

    Good Day! Rita,

    Check out this website, they have a good list of native plants for zone 8. There are many websites for different zones, just type in plants for zone 8.