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How Are Seedless Watermelons Grown?

If you've enjoyed a delicious seedless watermelon, you might wonder how they are grown.
It starts by treating watermelon seeds with a chemical that makes the seed have 4 times the normal number of chromosomes. After planting, when this watermelon flowers, it receives pollen from a normal watermelon.
The result is a fruit that has few seeds....and even if it has seeds, they are crunchy and eminently edible.
how are seedless watermelons grown, flowers, gardening
how are seedless watermelons grown, flowers, gardening

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  • Donna J
    on Jun 24, 2012

    Lighten up guys! We are supposed to be sharing information here. Enjoy the summer everyone!!

  • Leida R
    on Jun 24, 2012

    Donna J, thanks, and u do the same. Just like u, I love to share INFORMATION, and IDEAS.

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