13 Techniques to Learn to Whitewash Anything in Your Home

Whitewashing is simple and accessible. It can be an effective way to repurpose old furniture or to give a completely different and refreshing look to a room. This guide will showcase some of the best ways to implement the whitewashing technique that you can use as inspiration for your own whitewashing projects.

By Best Of Hometalk

What is Whitewashing?

Whitewashing is an incredibly simple way to breathe new life into almost anything that allows paint to stick and dry to it. The technique involves covering the entire

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How to Whitewash With the Candle Method

It's easy to learn how to whitewash with the candle technique. Simply rub a candle over random parts of the surface first - the wax will allow the whitewashing to work to

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How to Whitewash With the Scraper Method

The scraper technique is just as simple to whitewash furniture that you've had for a while. Once you've washed the surface with warm, soapy water and allowed it to dry,

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Whitewashed Brick Chimney

Whitewashing can be applied to almost any room and surface in the house. It's not just about knowing how to whitewash furniture.

Take a fitted feature of a room that could

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How to Whitewash Wood

Knowing how to whitewash furniture can help make a huge difference to a piece of old furniture and the way it blends in with the other pieces in a room. Instead of

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How to Whitewash Floors

Whitewashing isn't just for furniture - tired floors can benefit from being whitewashed too. This can attract more light to a room and open the space up.  Applying

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How to Install and Whitewash Wood Paneling

Sometimes the DIY approach to home redesign can be miles better than complete refits, as this whitewash wood paneling proves. Whitewashing can be used not just as a

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How to Whitewash a Table

Whitewashing can upgrade more functional pieces of furniture too, especially those which have little variety when you purchase them, such as a dining table, which is

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How to Paint Over Paint

Sometimes we want to change the look of a piece of furniture that has already been painted. The good news is that you can still whitewash over a painted surface - but the

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How to Whitewash Outside

Whitewashing can still look effective outside. The only difference here is the need to ensure the paint is durable to the elements. Follow the same techniques for

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How to Whitewash Terracotta

If you didn't want to make a huge commitment to whitewashing for your first time, you can always choose something smaller, yet still as iconic to whitewash - like a plant

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How to Whitewash Faux Silverleaf

Whitewashing can produce great results when used to do something like Hometalker Deborah.covington has done with a faux silverleaf effect.

Simply whitewash an old table

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How to Whitewash a Bed

Whitewashing can really add an extra element of luxury, especially when applied to the centerpiece of a room, such as the bed in the bedroom. 

Whitewashing a bed, even one

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Whitewashing is Simple!

Whitewashing is an extremely simple and affordable DIY technique - yet can look really effective and create an entirely different feel to a space or piece of furniture. 


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