Asked on Mar 3, 2019

Where can I place my kitchen table?

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Small kitchen with washer best placement for kitchen table?

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  • Gk
    on Mar 3, 2019

    Hello Cordelia! I am not sure what other areas you could place your kitchen table-you don't mention any other options. It looks like you are fitting it into a very tight space where you have it in the picture and it limits access to the washing machine. Is more space by the window?

  • Cordelia
    on Mar 3, 2019

    No sink is next to window very small kitchen

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Mar 3, 2019

    If you could have a thin rectangular table it would work better. Can you use 1/2 the table? I know someone apart. Perhaps a table that hangs off the wall?

  • Janice
    on Mar 3, 2019

    Hi Cordellia, without being able to see the remainder of the space, it's difficult to recommend much other than perhaps moving the round table out into the doorway a bit more.....or another option might be to replace the round table wiith a narrow, oblong one.

  • Paperdoll
    on Mar 4, 2019

    I would suggest a much smaller table. Also find someway to cover the washer and hide the laundry soap jug. Maybe place it inside the washer when not in use. This would make the area much less cluttered, thus making it look larger.

  • Oliva
    on Mar 4, 2019

    Why not try converting your table into a drop leaf style? It would consume much less space.

  • Kedre
    on Mar 4, 2019

    I would think this could work for you. You can sometimes find them in flea markets & antique shops. This particular one I found at for $139 but eBay or Amazon may have them too.

  • Cherylbeatrice
    on Mar 4, 2019

    I agree the round table doesn't work well. I think there is too much clutter. A table without a table cloth and less bulky chairs. Not only are you cramping physically you are cramping visually.

  • Page Bellamy
    Page Bellamy
    on Mar 4, 2019

    First of all......since I only see two chairs, I'm assuming you could get by with a smaller table that fits just two people. The table cloth and the chair covers are adding "visual volume", so they need to matter what size table and chairs you get. A smaller table (with a glass top) and less bulky chairs would go a long way towards giving you the appearance of more space. It would also help to declutter your kitchen as far as giving the illusion of a more spacious room. Good luck......and post an "after" picture! :)

  • Patricia
    on Mar 4, 2019

    If budget is a concern, I would do the visual thing but also the walls are a bit cluttered for the space too. I love that you contained your washing supplies, but when not in use the washer should be closed and the supplies on top. I would pull the table a few inches towards the middle of the room and take the container and paper towel dispenser and put those on the washer too.

  • Carolyn from NH
    Carolyn from NH
    on Mar 4, 2019

    I vote with drop leaf if it’s in your budget. Pull the table out to eat and back after clean up.

    You can find them in different sizes. Also your chairs look very comfy but maybe smaller padded chairs.

    Just a thought. 😊

  • Michelle
    on Mar 4, 2019

    I had the same problem, first i located a seamtress who made a cover for washer. Install shelf above washer kept laundry soap. I tried all sorts of tables. Instead i had someone install a countertop across my window which overlooks my deck and yard. Two 32 inch countertop height stools.

    I put a shelf above washer, look at bistro set perfect for 2 sometimes think out the box. Bistro sets are reasonable price. Wth a bistro set you can put in front of window.

  • Paula Taylor
    Paula Taylor
    on Mar 4, 2019

    If you want them edible frosting might work

  • Carolinagirl
    on Mar 4, 2019


    How about moving the washing machine a little closer to the window right under the outlet. If you sew, make a cover for the entire washer or use the iron-on tape. The fabric could be the same color as bottom part of your wall so it blends in. Place a board on top of the washer. You could paint or stain it and use it like a sideboard. On the right side of washer, find something to store your detergent, etc., in. Such as a single kitchen cabinet or shelves that you can adjust so the bottom could hold your laundry basket. Paint or stain to match your room. Take down everything on the wall. Hang your large picture right over the washing machine. Hang your cork board where the picture was placed but bring it down to a little lower than eye level then hang the clock right above it then try to get rid of the clutter. This way it would look more like a dining room than a laundry room. The chairs look a bit messy and bulky with the covers on them. What do they look like underneath? Could you upholster them with the same fabric? These are just suggestions and something for you to think about....maybe. I love to decorate so my mind just jumped over to redecorating your room.

  • Martha
    on Mar 10, 2019

    Often small kitchens are also short of workspace. If you also use your table for meal prep than a drop leaf will just be awkward. One possibility is consider getting a small square or rectangle butcher block island and a couple of stools instead of chairs. Some even have storage areas where you could stash overflow. Some have drop leaves that could be up when eating at the island. This won't be as relaxing as comfy chairs, but gives multi-use space. Otherwise, just keep the table where it is, try to reduce clutter (maybe with simple shelves on wall behind washer, and paint the walls and trim with some intensity, like aqua, gray and navy. Make it funky.

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