How to Tile a Shower the Easy Way

The easiest way to tile a shower requires MusselBound adhesive, according to Hometalker Brittany. As you can see, she used this trick to decorate her bathroom walls. However, the solution will also work in your shower. The trick here is to use a tile float to ensure the adhesive strips are firmly stuck to the walls. After pressing firmly on the sticky strips, Brittany removed the cover and stuck her tiles to the wall in a matter of minutes. Get tutorial here

Stylish Shower Wall Tiles

Lackluster shower wall tiles can be revamped with nothing more than two coats of paint. Wanting to turn her 1970s grey/blue tiles to a pristine white, Amber decided to use Homax Tough as a tile refreshing kit. Allowing you to paint directly over any surface, this paint gave Amber the clean, fresh look she wanted with very little effort. To get an even finish, allow the first coat to sit for three hours and then apply the second coat. Get tutorial here

Slick Subway Tile Shower Project

The subway tile is instantly recognizable, and the look can give your shower a serious style makeover. As you can see, this bathroom by South Cypress has achieved the classic look by using a dark grout. Although it’s easy to purchase subway tiles, the key to making them pop is to use the right filler. Pure black is often too harsh, while grey fades into the background. The perfect color is somewhere in between the two. Get tutorial here

Perfect Paint Project: Ideas to Cover Ugly Bathroom Tiles

When replacing your bathroom tiles is neither practical or economical, paint can save the day. For this project, Jenni found the best way to cover a shiny ceramic tile was to use a primer. After applying two coats of Slick Stick primer and allowing to dry overnight, the white bathroom tiles were ready to decorate. Midnight black chalk paint was chosen for the base before perfect white was brushed over a stencil to completely transform her once plain tiles. Get tutorial here

Flawless Peel and Stick Bathroom Floor Tiles

Put the tile cutter away because this floor from Allison is proof that peel-and-stick tiles can give you a stylish new look. Once her floor was wiped clean, Allison cut 12" x 24" tiles into 4" x 12" sections to allow for the compact look she wanted. She scored the luxury vinyl tile sections with a knife and snapped and laid the tiles using a set-square. The sticky backs held everything in place, allowing Allison to apply grout and sealer for a flawless finish. Get tutorial here

Bathroom Tile Cleaning Ideas: Make Your Grout Glow

By waving goodbye to grimy grout, you can give your bathroom tiles a new lease of life. To restore your grout, all you need is Bon Ami. After sprinkling Bon Ami powder over her bathroom floor tiles, Angela sprayed them with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution. Finally, she scrubbed them with a toothbrush and allowed the paste to sit for 10 minutes. Once the solution was wiped away, the grout you can see above was back to its light and sandy best. Get tutorial here

DIY Bathroom Tile Ideas: Beautiful Beaded Backsplash

If you’re itching to get creative, try this colorful creation…After arranging glass beads by size, Toni calculated how many large and small beads she’d need for her wall. She then practiced arranging her pattern before painting the back of each bead in cobalt blue metallic. This coat of paint is what makes the beads stand out. Once dry, she used a glue gun to stick everything in place and complete her impressive homemade tiles. Get tutorial here

Terrific Tile Frame to Stylize Your Bathroom Mirror

For a neat bathroom tile idea, check out this magnificent mirror from Morgan McBride. The key to this magical mosaic is adhesive and grout in a single tub. The mixed solution allows you to stick and fill the gaps between your tiles with the minimum amount of effort. What’s more, the solution sticks perfectly to mirrored surfaces. To get this look, cut tile sheets into strips, spread the adhesive around the border, press down, and wipe with a sponge to smooth the excess grout. Get tutorial here

wood look ceramic tile

Wooden tiles might sound like a contradiction, but this inventive project from Becky proves otherwise. Tired of contractors canceling on her, this Hometalker decided to buy some "wood look" bathroom floor tiles from Lowes. Each 6" x 20" tile is made from a mixture of ceramic and porcelain. That not only makes them hardwearing but leaves you with the perfect sheen you can see above. For her project, Becky used pure white grout to make the brown tiles pop. (Becky Get tutorial here

Budget Bathroom Tile Ideasc

The best bathroom tile ideas don’t have to break the bank. To achieve this rustic, almost weathered look, Hometalker Pam spent just $5 on a can of Minwax oil-based black wood stain. Completely covering her white bathroom floor tiles, she then wiped clean random sections. The end result is a unique look for a budget price. Pam’s top tip is to work in sections so that the paint doesn’t dry before you’ve wiped it. Get tutorial here