10 Beautiful Bathroom Tile Ideas That Will Give Your Washroom a Clean

Brilliant bathroom tile ideas are easy to come by thanks to our community of DIY enthusiasts. Through a combination of traditional techniques and ingenious innovations, our members have found some fantastic ways to update their bathrooms.

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s bathroom tile ideas, How to Tile a Shower the Easy Way

The easiest way to tile a shower requires MusselBound adhesive, according to Hometalker Brittany. As you can see, she used this trick to decorate her bathroom walls.

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s bathroom tile ideas, Stylish Shower Wall Tiles

Lackluster shower wall tiles can be revamped with nothing more than two coats of paint. Wanting to turn her 1970s grey/blue tiles to a pristine white, Amber decided to

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s bathroom tile ideas, Slick Subway Tile Shower Project

The subway tile is instantly recognizable, and the look can give your shower a serious style makeover. As you can see, this bathroom by South Cypress has achieved the

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s bathroom tile ideas, Perfect Paint Project Ideas to Cover Ugly Bathroom Tiles

When replacing your bathroom tiles is neither practical or economical, paint can save the day. For this project, Jenni found the best way to cover a shiny ceramic tile

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s bathroom tile ideas, Flawless Peel and Stick Bathroom Floor Tiles

Put the tile cutter away because this floor from Allison is proof that peel-and-stick tiles can give you a stylish new look. Once her floor was wiped clean, Allison cut

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s bathroom tile ideas, Bathroom Tile Cleaning Ideas Make Your Grout Glow

By waving goodbye to grimy grout, you can give your bathroom tiles a new lease of life. To restore your grout, all you need is Bon Ami. After sprinkling Bon Ami powder

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s bathroom tile ideas, DIY Bathroom Tile Ideas Beautiful Beaded Backsplash

If you’re itching to get creative, try this colorful creation…After arranging glass beads by size, Toni calculated how many large and small beads she’d need for her wall.

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s bathroom tile ideas, Terrific Tile Frame to Stylize Your Bathroom Mirror

For a neat bathroom tile idea, check out this magnificent mirror from Morgan McBride. The key to this magical mosaic is adhesive and grout in a single tub. The mixed

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s bathroom tile ideas, wood look ceramic tile

Wooden tiles might sound like a contradiction, but this inventive project from Becky proves otherwise. Tired of contractors canceling on her, this Hometalker decided to

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