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How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

5 Materials
1 Hour

Cat urine smell can be hard to remove but with these tricks your house will be smelling lovely again using a few safe items.

how to get rid of cat urine smell

Step 1: Before you begin you will need a few items to drive out that cat urine smell.

  • Vinegar and water
  • Natures Miracle pet safe cleaner
  • Homeright steamer
  • Wash clothes
  • Distilled Water
  • Small cup
how to get rid of cat urine smell

Step 2: With most projects it is good to get everything out the way. I had a small table in this space so I removed it.

It happens that our kitty was going potty in the corner behind the table.

how to get rid of cat urine smell

Step 3: Treat anything that has been affected by the cat urine.

I got on my hands and knees and gave the space a sniff test. I found the odor stronger at this foot of the table and along the baseboard.

I am pretty sure it got under the baseboard.

Put some vinegar and water into a cup and sit the foot of the affected piece into the cup. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and remove it. The smell should be gone.

Now spray the vinegar and water along the baseboard and anywhere else you smelled the smell. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes then wipe it up with a clean wet washcloth.

how to get rid of cat urine smell

Step 4: Natures Miracle

If the smell is persistent repeat everything with Natures Miracle.

It is a little more heavy duty and should get rid of the smell unless it has gotten somewhere you cannot reach like the baseboard.

how to get rid of cat urine smell

Step 5

Grab your steamer, I like to use the Homeright Steamer, and attach the jet nozzle.

how to get rid of cat urine smell

Step 6

Point the jet nozzle into the crack under the baseboard and spray the steam into that hard to reach spot.

how to get rid of cat urine smell

Step 7:

Since you have your machine out go ahead and steam the tile. It will get rid of any of those last urine particles.

If you would like to see a video demonstration on how I get rid of cat urine smell click my link below where you will find the video on my website.

how to get rid of cat urine smell

The quicker you clean up your cats mess the better chance you will not need Nature's Miracle.

Most the time I only need the vinegar and water. About once a month a pull out the steamer and steam the floors.

But if the mess has been left too long I need the .

how to get rid of cat urine smell

This is our sweet kitty who leaves us gifts now and then. Haha!

If you would love more cat decor ideas check out my . It will give you a fun idea to treat your special fur baby!

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  • Sylvia
    on Apr 5, 2019

    so where do you purchase the citrus solution.

    • Linda
      on Apr 6, 2019

      If you are talking about the Nature Mira me I found it at PetSmart and Walmart.

  • Shane
    on Apr 23, 2019

    Anyone know what to use to keep cats from using my flower beds as their toilet?

    • Kathy Forehand
      on May 3, 2019

      I used moth balls it didn’t hurt my plants but sure kept cats a way also cedar oil in small cups set around in flower beds will keep out a lot of varmits the smell they do not like it I have wild cats that get into my backyard and this has really helped a lot or just get a litter box with a cover and place where you would like your kitty to go once it gets use to that area do away with litter box and just put a lil litter down on ground she will get use to goin in that spot

  • Desertbarb
    on Apr 29, 2019

    What about getting rid of dog pee stains and odors on beige carpet?

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  • Meem Kaplan
    on Mar 26, 2019

    Citrus Magic has a product named "pet stain and odor remover" that is SO simple to use. It's also much better than Nature's Miracle. Being a caregiver and a mom to furkids I have used this simply and successfully for more than a decade after trying to find something that actually worked. I buy it by the gallon! A gallon last me for nearly a year. It's also citrus based and non toxic. I use it on my dog when she rolls in something until I can get her bathed. While your ingredients do work, this is no work other than going to their site and ordering it. One spray (even in the washing machine) works well. A few sprays into the bed of our canopied truck removes all the odor, there too. I've even used it in my carpet shampoo'er and vacuum filters just fine!

    • Linda
      on Apr 30, 2019

      I will give this product a try. We are fostering two kittens right now and I would love to try this product.

  • Janice Enix
    on Apr 6, 2019

    Unless your fur baby is used for breeding having he/her neutered/spayed will stop the spraying.

    • Stacie
      on May 10, 2019

      Having cats fixed doesn’t always stop them from spraying. I have had cats for several years and they have always been fixed. When they’re stressed they will spray. I’ve tried everything written above and none of it works completely. Still waiting on the miracle...

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