18 Ways to Stain Wood to Breathe New Life Into Traditional Materials

In your home, there are likely to be many pieces of traditional wooden furniture that are DIY projects begging to be kick-started. If you want to improve the longevity of your wooden furniture and home accessories, there are various wood staining techniques you can use to maintain the classic wood grains and hide wear and tear at the same time. These 18 Hometalkers have embarked on their own wood staining projects to revitalise traditional wooden features and make a genuine design statement:

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s 18 ways to stain wood, On a Budget Learn How to Stain Wood Using Vinegar

If money’s tight and you’re unsure how to redefine your wooden furniture, there’s always white distilled vinegar! Hometalker Cheryl had never previously considered

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s 18 ways to stain wood, Dilute a Chalk Acrylic Paint to Create Wood Stain Colors of Your Choice

Diluting Shabby Paints’ pure acrylic paint can create a hugely effective wood stain. You can choose wood stain colors of any shade by picking your favorite Shabby Paints

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s 18 ways to stain wood, DIY Shimmering Stained Wood Starburst Mirror

Hometalker Beckie made this stunning wood shim mirror for her hallway using 315 stained wood shims! After falling in love with the classic look of these starburst

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s 18 ways to stain wood, Yes It is Possible to Stain Laminate

Hometalker Lisa found that her orange laminate office furniture just wasn’t to her style or taste anymore. So, after plucking up the courage, she eventually opted to

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s 18 ways to stain wood, How to Mix Your Own Wood Stain to Get the Color You Need

Did you know? It’s possible to mix your own colors to stain wood exactly how you want it. Hometalker Jen Burns had spent many years staining and refinishing wood

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s 18 ways to stain wood, Stain Wooden Furniture to Complement Other Living Room Accessories

Hometalker, Emily recently bought some couches with woodwork that was lighter than the rest of her furniture. She eventually decided to do something about the color of

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s 18 ways to stain wood, Turning Pine Board Into Wood Stain Wall Art

Stephanie’s father had a south-western style home office and opted to design him some wood stain wall art. Using two pine boards cut in half at the DIY store, Stephanie

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s 18 ways to stain wood, How to Stain Wood Floors to Modernize a Kitchen

Hometalker Building Moxie was at a loss with how to modernize her old wooden kitchen flooring. She eventually discovered that the flooring was Fabulon, which had similar

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s 18 ways to stain wood, Using Multi Colored Wood Stains to Transform This Fireplace Surround

Take a look at this spectacular fireplace surround makeover using six different wood stains. Hometalker, Frank was fed up with his brickwork fireplace surround and wanted

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s 18 ways to stain wood, DIY Faux Beams Using Natural Stains to Look Like Reclaimed Wood

These faux wood beams were built using regular pine wood and refinished with natural wood stains. Hometalker Southern Blenders built these stunning faux wood beams for

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s 18 ways to stain wood, This Stained Decking Blends Brilliantly With a Ranch Style Home

This decking was somewhat garish when it was unstained as it didn’t blend into this ranch-style home. After cleaning the deck, this Hometalker sprayed on the new darker

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s 18 ways to stain wood, How to Age Wood With Paint and Stain

Hometalker Stephanie managed to age this pallet wood using paint and stain to create a reclaimed wood look. Stephanie used wood stain to treat her raw pallet wood in

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