How do I replace skirting around outside of home and other repairs?


I live in a modular home in the panhandle of FL and was only about 11 miles away when Hurricane Michael decided to show his ugly face. I live alone and have a lot of health issues but my question is, I have fixed the roof and the siding. Samaritan purse came in and helped me clean up the trees/yard. I have this skirting around the bottom that was damaged and I don't know if I want to replace it with the same thing or change it up with something stronger and was thinking 1X6 boarding with vents stained. I was told it was not going to look good. I still have to tighten up the straps as my home only had to be rated for a category 3 Hurricane and Michael was a 5. I just need some suggestions please I'm at a loss at what to do. I already checked the track and the boards will fit in perfect, my home is grey with white trim and I'm starting a fence out front and painting it red. I still need to build the deck along the front of the house and it will go all the way across making it 60 feet plus 4 feet for my wheelchair ramp. Thanks everyone

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