What to do with these horrendous granite counters?


Hi all, New member here and first time home owner. Recently purchased a condo with an “updated” kitchen. I am not a fan of the cherry kitchen cabinets or the color of the current stone. Not to mention I feel like there’s an over abundance of stone with all the stone tile.... Ideally I would like a white or espresso kitchen. I wouldn’t mind redoing the backsplash and stripping the stone tile. However, I would hate to have to get new granite countertops considering the current ones are in good shape and the amount I payed for the place. Any advice/suggestions? Thank you!

q what to do with these horrendous granite counters
q what to do with these horrendous granite counters
q what to do with these horrendous granite counters
q what to do with these horrendous granite counters
q what to do with these horrendous granite counters
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  • Darcie Darcie on Mar 08, 2019


    i would white wash the stone, leave the counters $$$$$ to much too change, then I would either hire someone to paint out the cupboards White or you could Chalk paint them White yourself, no stripping much cheaper than a painter! I Hope this helps.

  • I've heard mixed reviews on painting granite countertops, Damian. I think I'd start by getting rid of the stone backsplash and see if that 'tones-down' the granite enough for you.

  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Mar 08, 2019

    I agree there is too much stone. I would remove the stone and sheet rock from under the bar. Put in new sheet rock, and paint it the same color as the cabinets, or add a subdued wall paper to coordinate with your walls. You might even find a wood look tile to match the cabinets. Do not attempt to move the granite unless you are replacing it, because it will crack. The cabinets can be painted. An Expresso color on the cabinets would help the black appliances blend in, and make the granite coloring pop. The back splash between cabinets isn't bad and would look fine with dark cabinets, like you said, there is too much stone and it pulls your eye to the wrong area.

  • Beautiful kitchen for a condo! Once you redo the backsplash, and get rid of the stone cladding, (Yes, it is a bit much), the countertops will not seem so offensive and you might even like them. You can gel stain the cabinets to go darker too.

  • Janice Janice on Mar 08, 2019

    Hi Damian, I suggest starting by staining the cabinets with espresso you mentioned rather than the white unless you plan to change out the black appliances. To go with white cabinets & keep the current appliances would cut it up too much visually. The espresso will help to break up the floor tile & stone a bit on the interior of your kitchen. Then if you add some greenery or colorful decorator pieces you can soften the look of the tile/stone/granite. It looks as though the finishes are of good quality.

  • AnissaA AnissaA on Mar 08, 2019

    I think the granite is actually quite neutral. I agree with you that the stone tile makes it look overwhelming and busy, and cherry cabinets are definitely a personal preference I wouldn’t share.

    I would play around with some samples. I think you may be surprised at how neutral the granite would look if the cabinets were a creamy white and the backsplash and outside wall a complementary material. I think those changes would be a huge improvement towards the look you want , and then you can always save up for the countertops of your dreams!

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Mar 08, 2019

    Since the appliances are black, try starting by changing the cabinetry color to espresso. Live with that for awhile to get a better idea of any other change you'd like to make. I'm thinking that and a softer medium for the back splash (a major reduction of stone in the work area) will do the trick without having to replace the granite. Think the former owners just went overboard. The work space is fabulous!

  • Damian Damian on Mar 09, 2019

    Thanks for all the replies, some great ideas!

    I will be changing the appliances to stainless and currently am leaning towards a white subway tile backsplash. I don’t think the current stone backsplash was thouhht out well considering it’s porous and will be splattered when cooking .

  • Charl Charl on Mar 10, 2019

    Once you paint those cabinets the granite will look beautiful. The backsplash is definitely competing with the granite, so I would go with a simple backsplash...maybe a simple subway tile. They sell beveled subway tile which isn’t much more than regular subway tile and it looks so rich. We did it and it looks beautiful. Let the granite be the “star”. I’m telling you it will look make a huge difference.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Dec 12, 2020

    This kitchen would look amazing with these cabinets painted in white.

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