How to transform my bathroom?


Im trying to liven up my bathroom room or want to but is so tiny I'm standing in the shower to take this photo your only missing the shower part and the tiny window but it's only 5ft wide 9 ft in lenth including the bathroom and 6ft in higth..I wanna leave my shower as is but the rest I just want something that ads life to my bathroom as you can see it's just plain and dead 😞

q how to transform my bathroom
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  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Mar 08, 2019

    Put some open shelving up above to display rolled towels and pretty niknaks

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    • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Mar 08, 2019

      I have an even tinier bathroom and we increased our storage exponentially by building in shelving where possible. You'll love it! 😊

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Mar 08, 2019

    I too, have a tiny bathroom with a shower.. My first suggestion would be to paint he wood. Second, is to get rid of the lamp and storage - put in a light hanging from the ceiling. Pull off the mirror cabinet and install a glass shelf and flat mirror against the wall. If you can, I'd remove the storage cabinet also. That really takes up space. Install glass or narrow shelves with narrow baskets. It's hard, but move everything that is not being used daily in the cabinets to someplace else. I've recently seen narrower sink cabinets. Big box home improvement stores are carrying them.

  • Sheron Sheron on Mar 08, 2019

    Thank you so much yours and miss Cooper's both idea combining both ideas sounds like a great plan ... Sincerely... sheron allen 😇

  • Suzette Suzette on Mar 08, 2019

    Hi Sheron, It think if you lightened up the walls, it wouldn't appear so small. Here's an example of a tiny bathroom with light walls:

    Also, here's a link to lots of nice ideas:

    What ever you decide to do, have fun!

  • Paint the paneling white, add color to the top part of the wall and add some pretty artwork, maybe a plant. Painting the vanity would also help. Add pretty knobs.

  • Dee Dee on Mar 11, 2019

    I would paint the paneling white, take out that plastic chest and lamp. Get sconces for lighting and put up shelves where you can including over the door. Keep you vanity for storage, but put up glass shelving over the vanity. If you can remove the medicine cabinet and get a larger one at Home Depot. They actually have nice larger cabinets with shelves to use as a medicine cabinet in their bathroom section.

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