How do I we get rid of excessive mold in a rental home?


Some may remember me from last Fall. ( we had just moved in on June 10th, 2018) Our rental had so much water coming into basement: Black mold. Everything was stripped. Finally, October 24th, Mold Remediation was done in Basement and two main floor bedrooms were cleaned and treated. A mist of some kind was sprayed into remaining rooms, ( ranch). But, in the initial inspection owner would not allow the person to examine the attic. Said, "no leaks, no mold up there".The winter months came upon us here in New England; more mold growth. Just as in the beginning, the owner ignored us. I might add that, from July through January of this year, I have been on a stream of Amoxicillan, reaching up to 875mg. Sinusitus, earaches, and Oh my, the worse headaches. I am seeing specialists.Back to the mold; we called, msgd, emailed the owner; something had to be done here. It was not until we sent a letter with the title "Rent Withholding" for March 1st, did we get any response. I had sent him a photo of the growth; his reply, "Bleach it"! Oh yeah, temps in single digits, no ventilation! Crazy! He did have the realtor in charge, ( since he is now basking in the sunshine in Florida, and not available) make arrangements for the home to be inspected again. Money talks. The manager from the company came; this time there was no one to tell him not to check the attic. Voila!! Massive mold growth up there! Years and years worth. Roof leaking, chimney leak, and chimney needs realignment and new flashing. Just this week Mold Remediation #2 was completed in two days. Complete chaos and disruption.I am getting nowhere fast in trying to obtain a lawyer to file a civil suit against him. We can't afford the normal fees. Pro-bonos are scarce, contingency lawyers are scarce. Trying to find an LAR is so difficult. We have a solid case. He knowingly rented a substandard, unhealthy, mold filled home to us. Of course, he made it look very good when we viewed it the 2nd time, and met him. We are very frustrated. Under housing court laws, he is responsible for the cost of our move, since it is unsanitary, even after the remediation. He has not eradicated the problem of water coming into the basement; just a matter of time and a couple of rainstorms, or warm days to melt the snow, and there will be more water and mold. We have all photos, emails, etc. for a good case against him. We just can't do it alone.On top of that, the basement was supposed to be available for us for storage- and a washer/dryer installed. Wouldn't even lower the rent.Any suggestions, any help will certainly be appreciated! We don't have a lot of $$$, both on SS and my husband works full time. Just don't know which way to go..... Patricia Orange, MA 01364 Thank you in advance )

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