Master Bedroom Ideas: A Wake-Up Call To Design Possibility

In need of inspiration to make a change to your tired, old master bedroom? Add some personality and make your master bedroom shine again. The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and one of the easiest to update. We present master bedroom ideas that will have you itching to breathe new life into your sleeping space. Let these Hometalk creations encourage you with different themes, ideas, and styles to help you make your bedroom beautiful. Wake up to your master bedroom’s potential!

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s master bedroom ideas, The Minimalist Master Bedroom

Mastering minimalist bedroom decor means using lots of white effectively. In this neutral master bedroom, Hometalker Kristin demonstrates how to create a bedroom on a

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s master bedroom ideas, The Eclectic Master Bedroom

The opposite of a minimalist master bedroom is an eclectic one. There are no rules on how many things you should put in your bedroom. This Hometalker’s lakeside home

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s master bedroom ideas, The Rustic Master Bedroom

Adding a huge feature headboard made from varnished timber adds a rustic element to the entire room. This Hometalker added a floor to ceiling headboard stained with

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s master bedroom ideas, The Vintage Master Bedroom

The magic key to creating a vintage style is stenciling - and chandeliers. Instead of buying similar but expensive wallpaper designs, this Hometalker used an elaborate

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s master bedroom ideas, The New England Master Bedroom

Using a blend of old and new (and touches of blue) can be the right formula when making a New England style bedroom. These Hometalkers achieved their coastal feel by

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s master bedroom ideas, The Small Master Bedroom

Small master bedrooms benefit from decluttering. Marie Kondo would be proud of this mini-masterpiece! When faced with limited space, the trick is making it as light as

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s master bedroom ideas, The New Farmhouse Master Bedroom

It’s the reclaimed sliding barn door that puts the en-suite at the heart of this design. The grey and white shades of this master bedroom subtly draw the eye to the real

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s master bedroom ideas, The Industrial Loft Master Bedroom

There’s a big temptation when presented with lots of space to fill it up. In this case, resistance isn’t futile. For these Hometalkers, the polished light wood floor and

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s master bedroom ideas, Sleek and Stylish Master Bedroom

This simple master bedroom design creates a stylish, moody atmosphere. This Hometalker wanted a luxurious sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day. Starting with a

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s master bedroom ideas, White With Color Splashes Master Bedroom

White is such an amazing base color to work with; it allows you to incorporate all of your favorite shades without them overpowering the room. This Hometalker shows what

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s master bedroom ideas, The Cottage Style Master Bedroom

Pastels, natural wood, and floral patterns create a cottage-style master bedroom makeover. This master bedroom is already naturally gifted with a lovely arched ceiling

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s master bedroom ideas, The Beach House Master Bedroom

You don’t have to live by the beach to achieve a beach house master bedroom. This Hometalker used staple seaside shades of navy blue and white to create a clean, crisp

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