How to Make Gorgeous Epoxy Letters to Decorate Your Home

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We created a nice warm welcoming touch to our patio table, to give a nice welcome to friends and family who come to visit.

We wanted it to be big, colorful and joyful without drawing too much attention.

We began by mixing the Epoxy.

Epoxy comes in two parts as a liquid. Usually, two parts resin and one part hardener.

Once mixed together, it needs to cures for about 24 hours and then it becomes solid.

To get the best result, we weigh the two components before mixing it up.

It is super important to do it with gloves.

When Epoxy touches our skin it doesn't come off with soap and water, only with a cotton ball dipped with acetone.

We have been asked a lot about coloring the epoxy, so, over the past few weeks we experimented different colors from different vendors.

The best metallic pigments we tried are from Stardust Micas.

They are absolutely stunning!

We divided the mixed Epoxy into 4 containers. One for each letter. And each letter got a unique color.

As instructed on the card of Stardust Micas, we added only a pinch of pigment.

The pigment has a strong color, much more than any other pigment we ever tried.

Then, we start stirring

-wait for it-


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After we finished mixing the pigments in, we gently poured the Epoxy into the letters mold.

It looks like actual gold is being poured!

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After 24 hours or so (depends on the ambient temperature), the Epoxy cured completely.

I love using silicone molds!

It's so easy and effortless to demold Epoxy from it. Plus, the fun part in this mold is that the letters automatically stands alone!

Now I'm going to share my results:

The letter H,

pigment color is "Brown Sugar" by Stardust Micas.

The letter O,

Multipurpose universal color (water based) by Tintamano.

Didn't get the result we were hoping for. The color is a bit hard to mix.

The letter M,

Pigment color named "Queens Gold" by Stardust Micas.

Letter E,

Mixed Pigment colors- two colors of blue (Ariel Blue & Blue Lagoon) with Pearl white.

All set in place on the patio table.

Suggested materials:

  • Alphabet Silicone Mold  (
  • Epoxy
  • Pigment color  (
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