How do you make simple but durable plant identifying markers?

I have a lot of California native plants in my front yard and many people ask what my plants are (I live on a corner). Is there a simple, economical way to create plant markers to identify them?


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  • Deb K Deb K on Mar 11, 2019

    Hi Nic, here's a simple one, large popsicle sticks, a sharpie marker and clear nail polish to seal it where you write the name on, or use paint stir sticks

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    So sweet of you to mark the plants for those passing by. 🌞

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    • Nic Nic on Mar 11, 2019

      This is good to hear! Water is precious here too. We live in Rancho Cucamonga and my front yard has no grass (ripped it out 10 years ago and my neighbors thought I was crazy) and has water smart plants. It's been a pretty thorough learning process for me---I'm finding out what plants don't like my kind of benign neglect and the others that thrive on it. In a rainy year like this one, I don't water my front yard at all, even in summer.

      Good luck with finding ways to use less water and more happy California plants.


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