How do I stop my bathroom from smelling like sewage?

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  • Bmasecar Bmasecar on Mar 12, 2019

    Normally drains from fixtures have a P or S trap. the purpose of which is to stop sewer gas from coming up the drain pipe. Your toilet has a built in trap so if the smell is coming from your toilet, it would indicate that you may have a blockage in the toilet drain/vent stack and the trap water is being pulled from the toilet trap due to vacuum siphon. An indicator of this is if you toilet glug glugs after flush and only a little water is left in your bowl. This problem may also be the issue with your fixture drains as they all use a common stack. So check all your fixture traps and make sure they are not leaking and if you toilet is the problem you may have to get someone to make sure you vent stack is clear. Take a look at this link

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Mar 12, 2019

    Darr. you need a plumber to snake the lines.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 12, 2019

    check & clean out sewer vent pipe it's on your roof here's how to videos you can sort thru

  • Darr Darr on Mar 12, 2019

    I've had a plumber come out and the line snaked a couple of times. They've gone up on the roof and cleared the vent twice (?) and snake the lines, etc. to no avail. The smell came back after about a year. The sink in the bathroom has been checked. They've even went inside my walls. I can't find where the smell is coming from. It's so frustrating.

  • Pat Pat on Mar 12, 2019

    I have had a sewage smell problem in basement drains or basement bathrooms that are not used often.....the p-trap gets dry and allows sewer gas to pass through. I just remember to flush the stool and pour water down the drain now and then. Would anything like that be happening to you?

  • Russbow Russbow on Mar 12, 2019

    Same as Pat, with an added issue. A basement floor drain had a carpet and pad placed OVER it. the only clue it was there was a dip in the cement floor. I used a LARGE hypodermic needle, and plunger to get water into the p trap there. WHY they carpeted OVER it, is beyond me.

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