The Best Ways to Clean Your Entire Home With Vinegar

Why waste money on a cupboard full of commercial cleaning products when one liquid can solve almost all of your problems? Cleaning vinegar is not only a natural way to tackle grease and grime, but it’s also highly versatile. By using these tips and tricks from our community, you’ll have the power to clean and disinfect your entire home with a few simple solutions. In fact, if you can master these techniques, you’ll not only find yourself on the cleaning path of least resistance but a much cheaper one as well.

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Using Vinegar to Clean Without Chemicals

Using vinegar to clean is an age-old trick. However, Alexis as Chemistry Cachet reminds us, not all surfaces are suitable for this powerful cleaning solution. Before you

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Making the Best Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Cleaning is only half the battle when you use vinegar. As powerful as its cleaning credentials are, its odor is just as potent. A top tip for making the best vinegar

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Get an Ultra Clean Carpet with Vinegar

It’s definitely possible to get an ultra-clean carpet with vinegar, but only if you have the right type of stain…During her trials with various non-commercial cleaners,

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Oil and Vinegar to Clean Wood? Yep!

Cleaning wood floors with vinegar is a delicate process. However, as long as you find the right solution, the results are impressive. Before you slosh vinegar on a dusty

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An Easy Way to Instant Sparkle: Cleaning Windows with Vinegar

For windows that are as clear as your conscience, this eco-friendly cleaning trick from Ravi Shankar is perfect. Instead of reaching for a commercial cleaner, try one

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A Simple Trick to Achieve a Clean Oven with Vinegar

The trick to achieving a clean oven with vinegar is to eliminate odors and grease. Using the acidic compounds in vinegar to cut through baked-on grease is great but

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The Hottest Way to Get a Clean Microwave with Vinegar

The beauty of cleaning with vinegar is that it cuts through grease and disinfects. How many times have you spent upwards of 30 minutes trying to scrub and scrape stubborn

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A Hot Tip for Cleaning a Coffee Maker with Vinegar

If you’re new to DIY cleaning, there’s nothing wrong with using a pre-made cleaning vinegar, according to The Seasoned Home Maker. In her quest for better results, she

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The Best Way to Get a Clean Dishwasher with Vinegar

What use is a dishwasher if it doesn’t leave your dishes squeaky clean? To help ensure streak-free results, check out this tip on how to get a clean dishwasher using

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A Sparkling Clean Toilet with Vinegar in Minutes

Forget endless scrubbing, a clean toilet with vinegar not only takes minutes, but virtually no effort at all. Matthew Gingerella poured baking soda and vinegar into his

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Keeping Tile Grout Clean

Toilet grime isn’t the only bathroom nasty you can take aim at with cleaning vinegar. To restore tired grout like HomeSpot HQ, all it takes is a touch of vinegar.

As you

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Make Your Own Wipes with Cleaning Vinegar

Now you know how to clean virtually every part of your home with vinegar, our final top tip is the wet wipe. This creation from Lana Jane Fox allows you to tackle tough

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