Fire Pit Patio

4 Weeks

I have always wanted a patio type fire pit, and I found the one I loved on Pinterest. I showed my son and he offered to make it so here we go!
Lined out area, starting to remove the grass
First I outlined the area in the yard with spray paint where we wanted the fire pit to go. Here is my son digging up the lawn.
Almost done digging
After all was dug up and some major roots were removed he then dug out the pit area (sorry no picture ) he leveled it out the best he could we did purchase sand to level it out but we soon realized that was going to be really expensive so we decided not to get anymore and honestly it didn't make a difference
Laying the flagstone
We had some flagstone around the house so we first used that. It took my son around 30 min to lay one stone. I know sounds long, but he was a perfectionist and didn't want the stone to wobble when stepped on so he would dig a little and lay it down and if it wiggled he would dig more and so on. Really was not expecting this to cost a lot but flagstone around my area are expensive. We found Home depot to be the best price at $6.00 a stone and we dug for the largest ones we could find!
Almost done!
For the pit area he dug a hole about a foot deep, threw some left over cement from another project in the bottom of the hole the bricks we got at Walmart did one solid row around the inside and still haven't decided to do another row so it's a little over half done.
All done!
Finished product! After all said and done we spent around $250.00. He did take his time placing the rocks because it can and was a frustrating job (I gave it a shot a few times and they wobbled so I was fired ) I'm extremely proud of my son for making a great addition to our backyard!

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  • Jan
    on Dec 30, 2014

    Great job and I understand your son being a perfectionist, when I lay stone I'm the same way-no wiggles. You can hire him out!!

  • Min301827
    on Mar 2, 2016

    It's beautiful! Fantastic job!

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