How do I remove paint from ceramic tile?

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  • Mona Blake Mona Blake on Mar 13, 2019

    Paint remover.

  • Leena Leena on Mar 13, 2019

    try rubbing alcohol or turpentine.

  • Nan W. Nan W. on Mar 13, 2019

    Jann: if it's a small amount, a razor (carefully!) would peel it up

  • Tere Tere on Mar 13, 2019

    Hi Jann. If it's just a small amount you can try scrubbing it off with the scrubby side of a two sided sponge dipped into a bucket of steamy hot, sudsy water. A little squirt of Dawn in the water should do. The hot water will soften the paint making it easier to scrub off.

    You can also try a steam mop. I didn't notice the paint that had splattered onto my hardwood when I was painting a bathroom door, until I was done. I cleaned the hardwood with the steam mop & simply wiped up the now loosened paint splatter with a paper towel. Good Luck :)

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Mar 13, 2019

    If an entire wall, paint stripper.

  • I would think paint stripper.

  • Em Em on Mar 14, 2019

    Oil paint might need stripper. Latex should be able to be scraped off with your thumbnail if there isn't too much.

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