Asked on Mar 13, 2019

How can I use electric insulators and some bed springs?

Liz Cairo-EaganHomeroadDee


I have some heavy duty bed springs and thought I would put the insulators inside of them but they do not fit and the springs are too tight - ideas on what to do with both???

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  • Janice
    on Mar 13, 2019

    Hi Liz, you had a great idea, too bad the insulators would fit. I recently saw bed springs that were used as a small privacy wall on a patio. They had the springs standing on end and then had cut squares of burlap fabric (probably 1 foot square) and had planted succulents/blooming small plants in containers placed in the middle of the burlap square and placed inside the springs in various areas. It looked really petty. I'm not sure how well the plants would do long-term but it might be worth a try.

    The insulators are difficult because if they are shaped like the ones I had, they won't sit in such a way as to be able to add a small succulent or air plant into the larger open portion. Hope someone else has an idea for those for you!

    Oh, I found this for you....

  • Dee
    on Mar 13, 2019

    You can make lamps, or put springs on the bottom and make candle holders. I have even seen Christmas trees made of insulators.

  • Homeroad
    on Mar 13, 2019

    You can use E6000 glue or hot glue to attach the insulators to the springs. I made nests for the top of my springs... take a look >>>

  • Liz Cairo-Eagan
    on Mar 13, 2019

    how do you "stretch" out these springs - I am 70 and I have tried to stretch them and just cannot - any ideas on that????

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