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Asked 3 days ago

How to take off glue residue from windows after taking off plastic ?

Jennifer E PriebeKateHuntress


q how to take off glue residue from windows after taking off plastic
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  • Kchreg
    3 days ago

    Products you can purchase, Goof-Off or GooGone, should work. Or, try some vegetable oil or even WD-40. They all work on the same premise. Spread it around with a soft cloth and let it sit for about 10 minutes. From your pic, it looks like there's a lot there, so I'd use a plastic paint scraper or plastic putty knife to scrape it off--or even an old credit card. Then get the residual gunk off with a soft cloth.

    When the adhesive is gone, wipe down with very hot, soapy water. Follow up with alcohol or window cleaner.

  • William
    3 days ago

    Use a razor blade scraper. Goo Gone will soften and clean it off. Nail polish remover. WD40.

  • Cynthia H
    3 days ago

    Hi! I'd try a flat blade scraper (the type with a razor blade in it) to remove most of it, first, then use a product like Goo Gone to clean any built up areas. Goo Gone is oily, so you'll want to clean the window with vinegar to remove it, once you have all the glue residue off.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    3 days ago

    Alcohol and a single edge razor blade in a scraper.

  • Jan Clark
    3 days ago

    In all likelihood, the widget (razor blade device described by Cynthia) with work fastest and best. Gather your tools: widget, paper towels and window cleaner and wait for the sun to warm the window. (Or, you can use a hair dryer) Scrape at a 45' angle, overlapping and wiping the blade clean after each swipe. It should look pretty good, but if you're not happy, scrape the whole window again perpendicular to the first direction. (If you went across, go up and down the second time.) That should pretty well do it. Now just clean the window - you're done!

  • Henriette Hall
    3 days ago

    goo-gone ( any hardware store )

  • Clergylady
    2 days ago

    I guess we mostly agree... GOO GONE, WD40, OLIVE OIL will all do it. Only scrape as necessary. I like Goo Gone and a washcloth. Then simply wash the glass as usual.

  • You should be able to get it off easily with alcohol.

  • Huntress
    13 hours ago

    Dawn dishwashing soap.

  • Kate
    3 hours ago


  • Jennifer E Priebe
    30 minutes ago

    olive oil works suprisingly well to remove adhesives without harming the surface-just let it sit a while. You may then have to wash the olive oil-but that part is easy.

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