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Asked 2 days ago

How do I mount a shelves made out of cardboard to the wall?



q i ve made shelf with cardboard not sure best way to mount to wall
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  • Beth
    2 days ago

    Cardboard might not hold up well if nailed to the wall directly. I'd try putting some shelving brackets underneath it and placing the shelf on those.

  • Shore grandmom
    2 days ago

    I think I would try command picture hanging strips.

  • Sandy Lemken
    2 days ago

    Yes, command strips, providing your not going to put a lot of weight on the cardboard.

  • Lisa Hunt
    2 days ago

    Command strips should work fine, but beware--that thing will not hold any weight. I had a paper sorter made the same way and after not long the little shelves started to collapse even though it was meant to hold paper. I ended up using a heavy duty stapler to reinforce all the "joints" and then it lasted a long while.

    Depending on what you are using it for, you may be better off picking up a few metal magazine holders and nailing/screwing them to the wall.

  • Pamela
    2 days ago

    Command Velcro strips !

  • William
    2 days ago

    3M Command strips will work if it's not overloaded. Otherwise use some wood strips on the inside and screwed into the wall.

  • George
    2 days ago

    Don't try to mount it anywhere. It doesn't not have the strength to support anything but the lightest of dust catching nick-knacks.

  • Beth
    30 minutes ago

    Thanks! I ended up sitting them in corner & just mount top of shelf to wall.

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