15 Ways to Get the Look of Subway Tiles Without the Mess

Ceramic subway tiles captured the imagination of homeowners around the world after their installation in New York City’s subway train stations, hence their name. Their clean lines and classic style have encouraged many to consider a subway tile bathroom or a subway tile kitchen to create practical, uncluttered living spaces. That’s because subway tiles are designed to last for many decades. They are highly durable, and the colours very rarely fade when exposed to natural light over the long term.

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Use a Tile Peel to Create a Faux Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

If you want to enjoy the look and feel of subway tiles on your kitchen backsplash, you don’t have to be an expert tiler to achieve it. Hometalker Heather Olinde has

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subway tile kitchen

Create a Faux Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Using Only Paint

If you like the look of the subway tile kitchen backsplash, you can also get the same look just with a lick of paint. All you really need is some high-gloss paint in the

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Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Using Only Paint

Reflective Peel-and-Stick White Glass Subway Tile Makes Spaces Roomier

If your kitchen or utility room is somewhat cosy, the ability to reflect natural and artificial light can help spaces feel bigger. How about this reflective

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eel-and-Stick White Glass Subway Tile

Good at Stencilling? Discover an Easy Way to Get That Consistent Subway Tile Appearance

Check out another Hometalker that’s been taping and painting their kitchen backsplash to create a subway title appearance on a budget. Although this process took Andrea

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Subway Tile Appearance

Use This Peel-and-Stick Glass Subway Tile to Create Eye-Catching Surfaces

Hometalker Roberta Madison also recommends the offset joint pattern created by subway tiles to design eye-catching bathroom surfaces. This is a great example of how to

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eel-and-Stick Glass Subway Tile

Create Monochrome Contrasts Using Chalkboard Paint

The monochrome contrasts remain some of the most spectacular interior design options to define any kitchen space. The Blooming Hydrangea has spent many months on her

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Chalkboard Paint diy subway tile

Use a Brick Stencil to Create a Rustic Subway Tile Bathroom Look

This Hometalker took matters into her own hands to freshen up her laundry room by using stencils to fake the subway tile look. Having spent time creating her own

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Rustic Subway Tile Bathroom Look

Give Your Subway Tile Backsplash Some Glitz and Glamor

One way to modernize your kitchen and incorporate a splash of personality is to use Glamor Grout between your subway tiles.

Hometalker Albion wanted to find an easy way to

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Subway Tile Backsplash Some Glitz and Glamor

Long Mosaic-Style Subway Tiles Can Make Your Bathtub Look Like a Spa

If you’re fed up with the dated appearance of your bathtub, this subway-style tiling can create the perfect spa-style surround. For Hometalker Kaysi Gardner, her bathroom

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subway tile bathroom

High-Gloss Tiles Can Create Sleek Reflective, Subway-Style Tiles

This Hometalker recently moved into their new home complete with a kitchen that hadn’t seen a makeover since 1971. Major renovations were therefore essential, and they

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Sleek Reflective, Subway-Style Tiles

Wallpaper Subway Kitchen Tiles Ideal for Those in Rented Accommodation

This tip is ideal for those living in rented accommodation that cannot make wholesale changes to their kitchen space. Hometalker Aimee had been looking for ways to add

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subway tile wallpaper

Prepared to Fit Real Subway Tiles Yourself? This Pattern Guide Will Help Keep Mess to a Premium

If you have been inspired by our slideshow and think you have the time to grout and tile subway tiles yourself, check out this guide. Hometalker Construction2style has

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subway tile patterns

The “Stair Step” is a Fresh Take on Subway Tiles That Won’t Date in a Few Years

Speaking of alternative subway tile patterns, check out Victoria’s clean, timeless “stair step” kitchen backsplash. This Hometalker was desperate to retile her kitchen

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white subway tile

Striking Copper Subway Tile Backsplashes That Require Only Gorilla Glue

Who knew that a copper kitchen could look so stunning? Props to KatAych who recently took the plunge. Once this Hometalker discovered that copper subway tiles existed,

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Striking Copper Subway Tile Backsplashes

Cut the Mess (and Cost) by Only Using Half of the Wall For Subway Bathroom Tiles

Hometalker SUPPLY.com recently looked at different ways to incorporate subway tiles into contemporary bathrooms. They discovered interior designer Elissa Grayer, who used

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Half of the Wall For Subway Bathroom Tiles