DIY Fridge Liners

Do you line your refrigerator? If not, you should give this idea a try.
I used to dread cleaning the refrigerator. My old routine was to remove all the food and then take out all the glass shelving and drawers.. I would then awkwardly wash the oversized pieces in the sink, dry them and then continue with the daunting task of figuring out where they went. Using liners, saves you from having to do this tedious chore. With the liners, you can simply remove the liners and wipe them down as needed.
Time: 1 HoursCost: $14Difficulty: Easy
  • diy fridge liners, appliances, cleaning tips
Vinyl place mats are cut to size to cover each glass shelf and line each bin.
  • diy fridge liners, appliances, cleaning tips
I staggered two mats to achieve the depth I needed and simply joined them with packing tape on the back side.
  • diy fridge liners, appliances, cleaning tips
I found these place mats at the dollar store. I love the black and white damask pattern.
  • diy fridge liners, appliances, cleaning tips
Isn't she pretty! She looks so clean and uncluttered. I am almost tempted to not put the food back in ☺.
UPDATE: The shelves in our refrigerator are glass. There seems to be some debate about whether refrigerators with wire shelves should be lined, as it may possibly restrict air flow. I don't know whether this would be a problem or not. My guess is that cold air will still get everywhere it needs too, but I can't guarantee that to be the case.

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