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Asked on Mar 21, 2019

Do I paint my shutters and front door to match?



Do I paint my shutters and front door to match or match color of shutters to roof and paint front door different color? Really can’t decide? I want a classy look. My brick home is a old south copper mixture. Roof is a coco brown metal.

q what color
q what color
q what color
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  • paint shutters to match roof and then paint the door a bright color

  • Zard Pocleeb
    on Mar 21, 2019

    I think painting it to match the roof would look great.

  • Betsy
    on Mar 21, 2019

    Hi Rita: Here is my suggestion: Take this picture and any other you have of your house, make several copies, in colour, whiting out the shutters and door so they appear white on your copies. Then, get out your crayons and, on the copies, colour the white shutters and door the colour you think you might like, and see which one you like best. Then, you can go ahead and paint to your hearts delight:) You can even go to a paint store or home improvement store and get their take on the colours you have chosen. Sometimes a fresh eye helps. Good luck

  • Oliva
    on Mar 21, 2019

    Painting shutters the lighter trim color (Light tan?) would look classic, with a lacquer black door, such as found on homes in Great Britain.

  • Amanda
    on Mar 21, 2019

    Hi Rita. I think the shutters would look nice painted the same color as the soffits. Then I would paint the door white. It would be a classy look that keeps it bright.

  • Cheryl
    on Mar 30, 2019

    I think the same color as the trim would look Classic

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